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Welcome to my web site; I hope you enjoy looking around and getting to know me.

If you are here to look
at my photograph album,
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I have used background music on a few of the pages on my site, and have usedd one or two other sound clips as well; I thought the sound clips were fun and I used the background music to express feelings that I thought could not be put into words. But I know that you may be surfing the Web or visiting my site at a time or at a place where you'd prefer not to have unexpected sounds or music. If this is the case, please mute your speakers now.

Once again, welcome!

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Ron Dougherty




























I'm at Home!
(Actually, since this is a web site, I'm always at home.)



You've arrived at my townhouse here in Dallas. Please press the doorbell on the intercom
on the lamppost in the picture above so that I'll know you're here.