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September 7-14, 1980:
A Vacation in Palm Springs

In September, I had an opportunity to take a short vacation to Palm Springs, as American Airlines was having a special fare out there. Steve booked me into a nice resort in Palm Desert, and I took the opportunity to drive some around the Coachella Valley.

I didn't plan on doing much at all on this trip; I just brought some books to read and my backgammon set to play on my own (or, as it turned out) with another hotel guest out by the pool.

The flight out to Palm Springs from Chicago was uneventful, and by mid-afternoon I was checking in to the hotel.

I really didn't do much on this trip at all. I just relaxed at the pool and went out to a few local spots in the evening. On a couple of days, I just got in the car and drove around the area, taking a few pictures of the scenery.

The picture at right was taken as I was driving down Palm Canyon/Highway 111 that runs along the south side of the desert cities that include Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, and Indian Wells. The College of the Desert is located here in Palm Desert.

You can easily see why so many people come to this area. While it can be very hot, it is also very dry, and the air quality is still quite good in this area. But the scenery is just fantastic- there are mountains in just about every direction.

There is really not a lot of explanation for the rest of the pictures that I took on this trip. Since I am working backward in my photo album, I can say that this would be far from my only trip to the Palm Springs area, and that I would see all of these sights again, and spend much more time out here, than the five days this week. So let me just put these pictures below, and if you want to see more of Palm Springs, work your way into the 21st century and you will see just about all of it.

The Desert Northeast of Palm Springs

The Salton Sea

These two pictures were both taken along I-10:

Here are two more pictures taken along I-10, both of them east of the Desert Cities:


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November 18-23: A Visit to Paris, France
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