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Miscellaneous Pictures for 1983


On this page, I'll put the pictures from 1983 that weren't associated with a major event or trip. There may also be some pictures I want to put in my album even if I did not take them.


May: Pictures from Guy's Vacation

In May, Guy, the fellow I have been seeing a lot of, went on vaction out west and to Hawaii. I might have asked him if he would like some company, but I had a series of classes to do that I was committed to doing, and so I would not have been able to go in any case. On his return, Guy gave me a couple of pictures from his trip, as I had asked for some that I could put in small frames.

One of the stops Guy made was at the Grand Canyon, where he had someone take the picture at left.

He went on to Hawaii as part of the same trip, and he had someone take the picture at right at the courtyard of his hotel.

Guy has become quite a factor in my life. We usually get together on Friday night or sometime Saturday, because he is fully occupied on Sundays at the Church. When I don't travel, which isn't very often, we get together during the week. He is a thoroughly nice man, and I like him a lot, but there is not a great chance for a relationship, I guess, because of the job he holds. Also, our schedules don't dovetail very well. His free time is during the week, and mine is on the weekends. But I enjoy spending time with him nevertheless.

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