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Miscellaneous Pictures for 1984


On this page, I'll put the pictures from 1984 that weren't associated with a major event or trip. The pictures will be arranged in date order. There may also be some diary notes on this page. Some of the diary notes and pictures are password protected, as they are very personal. Should you like to read or see them, please email me at "website" at "rondougherty" dot com.


January 21: Diary Note

I have a diary note for this weekend; if you have a password, just click here.


January 22: Williamsburg in Snow

As you may know from a previous album page, Greg and I purchased a house together in North Dallas last year; for me its an investment but for Greg it was his residence. Dallas had a surprise winter this year, and Greg sent me this picture of the snow in the back yard of the house on Williamsburg. The temperature, he tells me, wasn't too low, and the snow was very wet and melted quickly, but it provided a sight not often seen in Dallas.

This is the swimming pool at the Williamsburg House, and the snow has covered the walkways around it. It never gets cold enough in Dallas to worry about the actual water in the pool freezing.

The Williamsburg House is in an area of Dallas called Preston Hollow, a large area of upscale homes (and quite a few mansions) that goes from almost Central Expressway west to Midway Road, and from Northwest Highway on the south to Royal Lane on the north.

The house itself used to be owned by Dr. Richard Olson, who was the doctor that Greg used when he moved to Dallas from San Francisco a few years ago. The doctor has since built a new house on a creek about a half-mile east of this house. The house here on Williamsburg is unusual in that it sits on a three-acre lot that occupies a triangle-shaped parcel between Crestline, Williamsburg and Valley Ridge. The house only used up half the lot; the rest is like a huge back yard.

Maybe one of these days Greg will get the permission of the neighborhood association and perhaps the city to subdivide the property; there is plenty of room for another large house to be built south of his, and there is already a row of trees that would block the view of the two houses from each other.

Greg sent me two more pictures of the Williamsburg House in snow:

This is the patio and a view of the back side of the house in snow. You can see that it is not sticking to the concrete, and Greg told me that it melted entirely by the next day.

Just outside the kitchen, near the garage, is a closed-in area of yard that just provides light into the kitchen and separates the house from Williamsburg Road.


May 20: Dennis Haggard

My friend Dennis from Savannah sent me a picture that he had his friend David take of him, and I thought I would make it part of my photo album. If you'd like to look at it, and you have a password, just click here.


June 1: James Sears

In late March, I met a nice guy at Little Jim's; he was from a small town in Iowa and in Chicago for the weekend. In June, he sent me some pictures in the mail. If you'd like to look at them, and you have a password, just click here.

Those are the miscellaneous pictures for 1983. You can use the link below to return to the Index for 1984.

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