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Miscellaneous Pictures for 1985


On this page, I'll put the pictures from 1985 that weren't associated with a major event or trip. The pictures will be arranged in date order.


January 18: The Chicago Condominium

We returned from our successful house-hunting trip to Dallas, and began the preparations for our move. These proceeded through December and into January, right up to our departure on January 18th.

After the movers had left, taking all my belongings with them, I took the opportunity to take some final pictures of the now empty Chicago condo. I have been in this space for about twelve years, and have grown quite used to it. I know the new townhouse in Dallas will be very nice, but it was still nostalgic when we got ready to go. That's my remodeled kitchen at left

I walked down the hall to the master bedroom, and took the picture at left that looks west (you can see the late afternoon setting sun through the miniblinds.

I spent some time taking these pictures, and reflecting on the number of years I'd spent not only here in this condo (ten years), but also here in Chicago (fourteen years). Dallas will be a new experience.

At right I am looking into the onsuite bathroom for the master; the sink is outside the smaller room that has the commode and the shower/tub.

For my last picture, I went out into the living room and took this picture that looks southwest towards the southwest corner of the building. I have very much enjoyed the view from the floor-to-ceiling windows. I had views looking west and south; if I went out onto the balcony (the door to the balcony being at the extreme left in the picture), I could look out across the lake as well.

So, it was bittersweet when I closed the door and headed downstairs for the last time to drive out to Grant's house in northwest Chicago so we could head on down to St. Louis- our first stop on the way to Dallas.


May 12: The Sailing Bug Bites Again

Once things were pretty settled at the townhouse, and Grant had found work, he thoughts began to turn to sailing around Dallas. He thought about bringing his little sailboat down from Chicago, but the transportation expense wasn't worth it, and the sailboat wasn't really suited to fair-weather sailing year-round. So he started looking around at boatyards to see what he could find. I went with him one day as he was looking at a small Catalina that was for sale at a boatyard over by Harry Hines. He asked me to take some pictures of the boat (which he eventually bought), and here they are:

That's the only miscellaneous picture for the album this year.


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