As has been the case in prior years, the album pages for the years covered by this index will contain much content from websites on the Internet. Of course, this information was not available in when the pictures on these pages were taken, and it is only because these pages were created in 2016 that I am able to include it.

1986 Photograph Album Pages

September 13-19: A Trip to Oslo, Norway
September 20 - October 4: Two Weeks in Europe
November 7-14: A Week in California
November 22: Sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard
December 22-27: Christmas in North Carolina
Miscellaneous Pictures for 1986
1987 Photograph Album Pages

April 11-12: A Weekend in North Carolina
April 18-19: A Weekend in Seattle
July 18-22: A Trip to Washington, DC
October 9-12: A Trip to Corpus Christi
December 23-27: Christmas in North Carolina
Miscellaneous Pictures for 1987
1988 Photograph Album Pages

May 7 - 21: Two Weeks of Classes in Belgium
September 2-5: A Weekend in Houston/Galveston
October 22-30: A Week in Florida
Miscellaneous Pictures for 1988
A Personal Note