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Miscellaneous Pictures for 1988


This page is the "home" for pictures that don't involve a trip of some kind or a major event where I took a great many photos. The pictures on this page are arranged by date.



January 24: "In the jungle, the mighty jungle..."

This morning, I was sleeping late while Grant, apparently, had already gotten up. I did not know that he was taking pictures of me, asleep, until Grant presented me with a framed copy of one of them.

This the first picture that Grant took.

I don't usually sleep with the bear; Grant had carefully placed it for the picture. I am somewhat surprised that I didn't wake up when Grant tucked the bear in beside me.



February 26: Grant's Official Gabbert's Pictures

Grant brought home copies of the proofs of two pictures that Gabbert's, the furniture store where Grant works, took of him. The store has a wall of such pictures at the front of the store; each salesperson has his or her picture there.


Each salesperson has his picture taken every year and these pictures form a mural at the front of the store so that customers, if they don't remember their salesperson's name, can find it by matching with the picture. It is also a nice touch to emphasize the personal service that Gabbert's is famous for.

Gabbert's asks the salesperson to choose their favorite picture, and Grant, since he usually wears glasses, chose the picture at left.

I think that without his glasses Grant looks very different, but then that is because he almost always wears them. He decided against that picture because without glasses his customers might confuse him with someone else, since he always wears them to work.



April 30: On Lake Ray Hubbard

This weekend, Grant and I have gone out to Lake Ray Hubbard to take the S-2 out on the lake.

Shortly after we moved our boat to Chandler's Landing, Richard Lowe, a friend of our that we met through another friend of ours, sold the boat he had and bought this Cape Dory from someone who already had it berthed at Chandler's Landing.

To hear Grant and Richard talk about it, Cape Dory is a real sailor's boat; supposedly very well-built, much like the S-2, but it is a more traditional boat, with more teak and so on.

Anyway, both Grant and Richard like it, although Grant tells me privately that taking care of all the teak is going to be a real chore, and he is glad the S-2 doesn't have so much. Richard is dating a girl named Charlotte, who is very nice, and we are all out sailing together today. This is Richard's boat in a photograph that I took from aboard the S-2 as we sailed in tandem across the lake.



September 10: The Dallas Townhouse

Today, I took a few pictures around the townhouse to record how its appearance is changing, now that we have been in it for about three years. (Just for fun, though, I have just taken pictures of what these same views look like now, in 2016, 28 years after the originals were created. Beside each picture from 1988, I've put the corresponding photo from 2016.

If you compare this view with earlier ones, you'll see that the front looks the same, except that the landscaping has grown larger and more lush.

Here is the view from 2016.

This view looks at the back of the townhouse across the traffic island; those are the windows of the Family Room above the garage.

Here is the same view from 2016.

Here is a view looking directly at the front door.

Here is the same view from 2016.

Here is the living room, as Grant has accessorized it.

Here is the same view from 2016.



November 11: Grant in His Element

Grant is enjoying very much working at Gabbert's, the high-end furniture store in North Dallas, and he has also made a number of friends there that we have started to see socially. One of the things Grant and the other salespersons at Gabbert's do frequently is put on classes and demonstrations. This week, Grant and Deborah Bigbee had the responsibility of putting on a demonstration of holiday entertaining (utilizing furniture and accessories for sale at the store, of course). I went up to the store today because Grant asked me to come and take a few pictures of their effort:

Those are the miscellaneous pictures for this year.


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