March 20, 1994: A Visit to the Dallas Arboretum
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March 5, 1994
Lowery Evans' Birthday


In early March, Ron Drew planned a birthday dinner Lowery at the Hong Kong restaurant on Garland Road, near the Arboretum and near where Lowery used to live. Fred and I were honored to be invited.


Getting to the Hong Kong Restaurant

As I said, the restaurant that Lowery likes is over on Garland Road near the Arboretum, and we have been there once or twice already with him.

We got to the restaurant the same way we get to the Arboretum. The easiest way is for us to head south on Inwood to Mockingbird, and then go east. We can take Mockingbird all the way across town and then across the north end of White Rock Lake.

Just on the east side of the lake we head south on Buckner Boulevard, which takes us down to Garland Road, and there we head southeast towards the Arboretum- of course this evening stopping halfway there at the restaurant.

Back in 1994, the strip center that the restaurant was in didn't have a whole lot else right around it, except for a medical building or two associated with Doctor's Hospital, which is at the corner of Buckner and Garland. There were also a few fast food restaurants, and of course Casa Linda Shopping Center at the corner of Buckner and Garland.

The aerial view at right is, of course, current to 2016, when this page is being constructed. There is a lot more stuff shown here than was there in 1994, and what was there, including the restaurant, have undergone major facelifts since. Because of the Arboretum, some nice neighborhoods nearby, and White Rock Lake, the area has become very popular, and new apartments and condos have been built.

We got to the restaurant on time and with no problem, even though it was raining cats and dogs that night.


The Party

I just took a few pictures this evening; it was just a congenial dinner, after all, with a couple of gifts, some cards, and a small cake for Lowery as well.

There were seven of us present, and you can see all of them in the group picture at left. Starting around the table from the left, are Fred and myself, of course, and then Tom Jackson. Tom is Ron's roommate, and they share a condo down off Cedar Springs, in a neighborhood between Cedar Springs and Maple (quite close to me).

Next is Lynne Richardson, who is Ron's ex-wife. Lynne is British, is a very colorful person, and was someone that we met through Lowery and Ron. She is very much a member of our circle of friends, and she does a number of different jobs- mostly at organizations involved in the Arts in Dallas.

At the head of the table is Lowery Evans, whom I have known for about seven years now. He used to live out Garland road in Garland, but he recently moved to a house in Grand Prairie to be closer to where he and his mother work at Consolidated Freightways- a major trucking company here.

Next is Ron Drew, who is an executive in the Public Affairs department for one of the southwest's major phone companies- GTE. Fred and I are hoping to make use of his connections to secure season tickets for the Dallas Symphony; it seems to be over-subscribed every year but GTE is one of their major donors, and so perhaps Ron can work some magic.

Finally, at right, is another extremely interesting person that we met through Lowery- Barbara Reynolds. Barbara has had just as interesting a past as Lynne. She was a singer in Las Vegas at one time, she's started or worked at a number of companies and she is currently working with her son, Dusty, who is an oil wildcatter. Fred and I have just gotten to know her, and she's been bending my ear about her latest project- a whole-body dryer.

I just took two other pictures that night, one of which was a worse copy of the one above, but I will include both of them here anyway:

The Group at Dinner

Lynne, Lowery and Ron

We had a really good time; it is always nice to see Lowery, Ron and Lynne- and our newest friend, Barbara.

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March 20, 1994: A Visit to the Dallas Arboretum
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