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March 11, 1995
A Birthday Party for Lowery Evans


March was the occasion for Lowery's 41st birthday, We celebrated, as usual, at Celebration Restaurant, the very nice family-style restaurant up on Lovers Lane.

I had made reservations at Celebration a few days before our dinner, and requested that they give us one of the private rooms that they have. On the night of our dinner, we did, in fact, get such a room, which made the evening more enjoyable.

Most of Lowery's friends were able to attend the dinner, and I tried to photograph everyone at least once. In this first picture, you can see, from left to right, Lowery's good friend Barbara Reynolds, Lowery himself, and then Lynne Richardson (at the right) and one of her friends that we just met this evening.

Lynne, of course, is Ron's ex-wife; she and her friend were able to stay with us through the dinner, but they had a previous engagement that kept them from coming back to the house with us.

In that one picture, you had Lowery and all of the girls that were with us this evening. Now for the boys.

Here is a picture of all the guys, except for Fred, who was taking the picture.

From left to right are Barry and Sherman, who run the massage business that Ron and Lowery patronize frequently, Lowery, myself, and then our friend Brad and his partner, Wayne.

Brad works for a major airline, and Grant and I met him through Lowery in the late 1980s. Wayne and Brad met, I believe, when Brad was in Los Angeles; they hit it off and Wayne moved here to Texas. Brad and Wayne live out in Grand Prairie southeast of Lowery, and Barry and Sherman live in Mesquite.

For some reason, two guys didn't make it into this picture. One was Larry Marshall, was a friend of Lowery's who became a friend of Grant's and mine, and who helped me create a Quilt panel for Grant after he died. The other fellow was Tom Jackson, who had been Ron Drew's friend and roommate before he, Ron, moved in with Lowery.

We had a really nice birthday dinner for Lowery; Celebration is an excellent place for such gatherings. When we were done, most of us came back to my townhouse for cake and conversation.

At my house after dinner, we had everyone but Lynne and her friend come to my house, where we had coffee and cake, and where Lowery opened the gifts and cards that we had gotten him.

In this picture, Ron Drew is on the couch, Fred is back by the windows, Larry is petting my cat, Chip, and Barbara Reynolds is sitting on the hearth.

Fred had his panoramic camera handy, and he used it twice. First was for our official group picture:

He did take one other panoramic shot of some of us chatting in the living room while Lowery opened some of the gifts and cards that came his way:

Here, on my couch, are Lowery, Barbara and Ron. I am not quite sure how Lowery and Barbara met, but we met her through him. Barbara and her son are working on developing a whole-body dryer for use in health clubs and other such facilities to minimize towel use.

Below, having their cake and coffee in the dining room, are Sherman, Wayne, Brad, Lowery and Barry:

Barry and Sherman didn't stay long; like Ron, they are early people and don't stay out late. I was happy that so many folks were able to come back to the house, though, as I like very much having guests here. The decorating that Grant did is timeless, and I am so very proud of him for it. When people comment on the house to me, I am quick to point out that the way it looks wasn't my doing. I only wish that Grant could know how much the work he did is admired and appreciated.

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