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November 18, 1995
My 49th Birthday Party


This year, the closest Saturday to my actual birthday on November 23 was the 25th, but Fred thought that having a birthday party just two days after Thanksgiving might find a lot of our friends home for that weekend, so we decided that the previous Saturday, the 18th, would be best. So, as we have done for a few years now, we invited all our friends to come and spend the evening with us. The activities were pretty standard, so on this page, I'll just include the pictures that Fred and I took.

We should begin with a panoramic group shot that Fred took with his accessory panoramic camera:

L-R: Sherman, Ron Drew, Lowery, myself, Lynne, Ron Mathis, Chris, Prudence (holding Chip) and Fred

Prudence, Lynn, Lowery, Ron, Chris and Ron

As usual for our birthdays, we got the gang together and went to Celebration for dinner, and then returned home for coffee and cake. Here's the crowd in the living room in animated conversation.

Lynn, Chip, Prudence and I

As usual, Dale is nowhere to be seen, as he doesn't care for strangers much. Chip, however, is quite the party animal, and usually likes to be around people wherever and whomever they are.

My niece Jeffie and I

Jeffie had to work at Pagan Rhythms, the CD store, until eleven, but she came right over after that. She is getting on well here in Dallas, and will be moving to her own apartment soon from the one on San Jacinto. She is also working still at Polygram, and hopes to get a paying position there sometime next year. She's learning about the Internet by using my machine, and whenever I get a new one, I plan on making her a gift of my current one.

Jeffie, Fred and Chip

As usual, the party was a great success, due in large part to Fred's planning. I had all my best friends there, and I think everyone had a good time. Fred also played photographer, although I borrowed the camera to take a couple of the pictures- including this one.

Me, blowing out the two candles on my cake

This picture, of course, records quite cleverly what my age is this year. I haven't had individual candles for some time, as I consider that many to be a fire hazard. Fred was responsible for the lovely floral arrangement- all done with stuff from his greenhouse.

Ron Mathis, Sherman, Lowery, Ron Drew, Lynn, me and Chris Young

The cake is served, and I'm starting on my own piece.

Prudence, Ron Drew, myself, and Lynne

Would’ve been a nice shot but for the shadow cast by Le Cruset.

Me, opening gag gifts and reading birthday cards

Our rule for these affairs is that gifts are not necessary (although some folks get small, humorous things), but that cards- the funnier and/or racier the better- are quite appropriate.

Lowery, myself, Sherman and Prudence

We are all watching Chip, who seems to want some birthday cake in the worst way.

Chip and I

I happen to be sitting in the cats' favorite chair.

I am continue to be cognizant, particularly looking back at these pictures from my vantage point twenty years later, how good Fred has always looked, and how nice he always is. I am fortunate to have found him.

Later that week, I did my usual Thanksgiving Dinner. Although my good friend Greg was gone, we had Lynne and Barbara, Lowery, and Ron Drew to share the day with us.

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November 2-15, 1995: A Trip to North Carolina
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