December 19-29, 1995: Christmas in North Carolina
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December 29, 1995 - January 2, 1996
Judy Visits Dallas for New Year's


We did a lot of stuff while Judy was here-the West End, movies, dinners out, visiting Lowery and Ron, Jeffie's place, the Internet, and so on. It was really a great time and I wish I had the pictures that went with it, although I do have four pictures on this page that Judy took with her own camera.

Judy took this nice shot of me at left with Chip in my lap. Jeffie has come to the house this afternoon, and we will do dinner when Fred gets here. Below is another picture Judy took, this time of me, Chip and Jeffie:

These pictures, of course, were taken by Judy because the one's I took with my own camera were lost. I'm lucky she took some! I've used the one of Chip and I on my own Web page.

I should report that Dale has had a third surgery for his urinary blockage. He has been to the vet twice this fall for the same problem, and Fred took him again while I was home Christmas. I had intended not to have a third surgery, but because of a miscommunication, the vet did it anyway. I talked with the vet when I returned, and we agreed that if this third try didn't solve his problem that likely surgery never would, and he would just have to be put to sleep. I hope that doesn't happen, for he is a sweet cat and a good playmate for his brother.

I am worried this afternoon, though. Usually, Dale is the gregarious one, and Chip is more standoffish, but I have noticed that in the times that Dale has been sick, or actually at the vet's, Chip has taken over his gregarious personality. He seems to have done this again this afternoon, and Dale is off by himself up in the family room. This has me thinking that Dale is still feeling bad, although it could just be the aftereffects of his latest surgery. I hope that's all it is.

Jeffie had to go on to work that Saturday, so Judy, Fred and I went to a movie at the new AMC Grand Theatres. After the movie, we decided to go over and see Jeffie so Judy could get an idea where she worked- which is at an alternative record store over on Greenville Avenue called Pagan Rhythms.

I don't know if it was Judy's idea to get the sign in the background or not, but it turned out well, and we had a good visit at the store with Jeffie.

We spent New Year's Eve out at Lowery's, with Prudence, Nancy, Fred, Judy, Jeffie and Larry. It was a really great time, and I thought I had gotten some excellent pictures. Judy seemed really to be enjoying herself.

She commented a number of times on how many friends I had and how many interesting things I was always doing. I didn't think about that much, since I knew she was basically very occupied with her horses and with school. The remainder of her time was usually spent on my computer, and I know she was chatting through Compuserve with friends of hers elsewhere. Maybe this should have been a tip-off to something, but I never put things together.

Fred spent the morning of New Year's day here with us, but since he was going to have to be back at work on the 2nd, he needed to be back at his house later this afternoon.

Judy would be leaving tomorrow to fly home, so Fred invited Judy and I to come up and spend the evening with him.

Fred is very sparing in his invitations; so far as I know, of the people I know, only Prudence, myself, Frank and Joe have even been to his house, so to get an invitation for Judy after only three days was quite a surprise.

Since Fred didn't have much time to shop, Judy and I volunteered to pick up what he needed for supper on our way up, and as I was carrying the groceries into Fred's house, Judy snapped her last picture of the visit (and, consequently, the last one I have).

We had a very pleasant meal; Judy was very impressed with the house and all Fred's buffalo stuff. We watched some videos, and Fred took Judy on a tour of the place. Judy and I left late that evening, since Judy had to return to Elon the next day.

Judy's visit was wonderful; I just wish I had more pictures of it.

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December 19-29, 1995: Christmas in North Carolina
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