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July 14-16, 1998
My Sister Judy Visits Dallas


Our Mom has been in Dallas almost two years now, and my sister Judy has taken the opportunity of summer to come for a short visit. Sadly, she can't stay all that long, what with the animals she has to take care of at home. But at least she gets to see her Mother as well as her daughter, Jeffie, who lives here also working for BMG music.


The Farmer's Market

On Saturday morning, Fred and I took Judy to the Dallas Farmer's Market, which is over on the east side of downtown.

In the aerial view above left, you can see where the Farmer's Market is, and in the picture on the right, Judy putting her knowledge of vegetables to work (buying some for her Mother's gathering this evening).

We also stopped by the area where there are plants, flowers, sculpture and the like also on sale, so Judy could wander through and look at a different variety of horticulture than she usually sees.

We had a good time at the market, and also drove Judy around a bit to see some sights that she didn't see on her first visits here.


A Party for My Sister at Her Mother's Condo

When I moved Mom here in 1996, we were fortunate to find a nice condo in the High Hollows neighborhood. It wasn't that the condo itself was that spectacular, but my Mom could walk just a short block to get to all the services she might need- including a grocery store, pharmacy and a number of restaurants.

High Hollows is an upscale, secluded development- one of the first condo projects built in this part of Dallas. It is close to an area called Preston Hollow (which is very upscale), about three miles from me and just a mile from Dallas's premier mall- Northpark Center.

It is a good location for my Mom, and the people in the neighborhood are very nice. Mom and I have been to a number of the condo meetings together, and she is quite friendly with David Fitzhugh, who is currently the Board President.

I think she likes it here. Of course, I get to see her frequently, but she is not so close as not to feel independent, which is very important for her.

On Saturday afternoon, my Mom and I organized an informal party so my friends, and hers from High Hollows, could visit with my sister.

You can see most of the people who came by in the photo at left. Jeffie is talking to David Fitzhugh (who is out of the picture) and then going around the room are Chris Young and Ron Mathis, Fred, my sister, Mike Racke, Ron Drew, Lynne Richardson and, with his back to the camera, Lowery Evans.

To show you everyone else, you can first check out this picture of my Mom talking to her upstairs neighbor Richard Davis, and then you can take a look at David talking to Jeffie.

With the stuff that my sister had purchased at the Farmer's Market, and some refreshments that my Mom and I got at the grocery store the day before, we had plenty of food and drink for everyone, and by all accounts everyone had a good time. Fred and I took some other pictures throughout the afternoon, and you can click on the thumbnail images below to have a look at them:

My sister's visit was all too brief, but we enjoyed it immensely, and the next day we hung out at home, had lunch with Mom and then took her to the airport for her flight back to Greensboro.

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July 21-26, 1998: Summer Trip to Colorado
July 3-5, 1998: July 4th at Possum Kingdom Lake
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