November 21, 1998: My 52nd Birthday Party
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December 25 & 31, 1998
Christmas and New Years


I had two more gatherings at my house this year- one on Christmas and one on New Years Eve. Since we did not take a great many pictures either time, I'm going to put both occasions on this page.

Christmas at My House

It was something of a surprise this year when my sister decided to come out to Dallas for Christmas, and she brought her good friend, Scott. They spent three days with me, and also had a chance to visit Mom and Jeffie, of course.

Our Family on Christmas Day

Of course we all spent Christmas Day together, and I cooked my traditional ham. We took a couple of group pictures, like the one at left, where you can see Scott and Judy, Mom and Jeffie and Fred (holding Chip) and I. You can see another group picture with a slightly different arrangement of the subjects here.

It was really nice having Judy here for the holiday, and so we took the opportunity to take a number of photographs, particularly the two pictures of Judy and Scott below, left and middle, and of Chip, below, right.

We also took some other candid shots during the day, and you can click on the thumbnail images below to have a look at them:



New Years Eve at My House

On New Years Eve, I asked some of our friends to come over and spend some time with us. I was happy to have Fred and my Mom, of course, but also Prudence, Nancy and Ron Ruckman, Ron Drew, Mike Racke and our friends Ron and Chris. I made some meatballs and stuff and we basically just hung out until midnight, when we watched the Times Square coverage for a while. It was a nice evening, and we just took a few candid pictures; these are below:

Well, that brings 1998 to a close, save for the page of miscellaneous pictures for this year. You can access them from the year index page.

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November 21, 1998: My 52nd Birthday Party
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