November 24 & December 8, 2001: My Birthday and My Mom's
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December 23-25, 2001


Well, another year has come to a close, and it has been an eventful one. We lost a good friend in Mike Racke, on the morning of the same day that the country lost a great deal of its innocence. I hit the double nickel, and my Mom began her tenth decade, still, apparently, going strong. I hope I get some of those genes.

On the Saturday before Christmas, I'd organized an outing to the Dallas Symphony's Christmas Concert for Fred and I and six other folks. Before everyone else arrived, we took a couple of pictures of ourselves (since we rarely dress up), and you can see those pictures below:

One event was the Bentley's Christmas Party- a meal held a few days before Christmas at which families are all welcomed to come and share the noontime meal with their relatives. Fred and I attended to spend some time with my Mom, and I brought my camera along. That's how I got this picture of Fred and Mom at this special meal. Next to our table was one at which some of my mom's friends were having their dinner. Fred and I also traded off using the camera, and that's how we got the two pictures below:

Of course, this was the Holiday Season, and, like I always do, I prepare a Christmas Dinner. This year, there will just be four of us.

I wasn't going to pick my Mom up from the Bentley until about noon, but Greg came over a bit early so the three of us could exchange gifts in advance of her arrival. Greg is living in Austin now, back working at Data Junction. Earlier this year, I left DRT International and took a training position with them as well.

Fred set up the tripod and took the picture at left. We should have set it up again after Mom arrived, but I got busy with getting dinner together and we neglected to do so.

We had my traditional Christmas ham for dinner, and it was very enjoyable. When Greg headed out to visit some other of his Dallas friends, Fred and I took my Mom back to the Bentley.

That brings 2001 to a close. If you haven't already done so, take a look at the "Miscellaneous Pictures" page for some of the photographic odds and ends from this year.

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November 24 & December 8, 2001: My Birthday and My Mom's
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