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January 29, 2005
Lynne Richardson's Birthday Party



One of Lynne Richardson's good friends decided to throw her a birthday party this year. Although her birthday was actually a few days earlier, Lynne's party was held on Saturday night. It was held at someone's home that we'd never been to, a bit south of Mockingbird Lane near White Rock Lake.

Lynne had invited out entire group, and just about everyone showed up. Fred and I were there, of course, as were Ron Mathis and Jay Enriquez, Tom Harris and John Evans, Lou Acevedo and Barbara Reynolds. In addition to our own crew, many of Lynne's other friends where there, especially the British contingent, including Carol and Trish and Martin and Ulrike.

About all I can say about the party is that it was very well done, and Fred and I enjoyed meeting many of Lynne's other friends. I think the rest of our group enjoyed it as well. As far as pictures go, we took quite a few, but many of them are of people we don't know, and so I've chosen to exclude those from this album. I've selected ten pictures and a couple of movies to include here.

As far as the movies go, I took one movie to try to pan across the main room and introduce as many people as I could, and you can watch that movie using the left-hand player below. Then, a bit later on, Lynne said a few words to everyone, and I tried to capture some of that too (which was hard because my camera is limited to 30-second movies). In any event, you can watch that movie using the right-hand player, below:

Below I have put thumbnails for the pictures and short descriptions of who's in them. To see any of the full-size images, just click on the appropriate thumbnail:

Lynne Party
John and
Tom, John
me & Lou

Lynne & Lou
Lynne and
and Lou
Ron, Barbara
and Jay

February 5-13: Visiting Fort Lauderdale with Frank and Joe
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