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July 31, 2005
Birthday Party for Fred and Ron Mathis



Well, it's that time once again to celebrate the birthdays of Fred, who turns 51 on August 6th, and Ron Mathis, who turns 42 on August 1st. As he has so graciously done in the past, Jay has offered to host a combined birthday party for his partner Ron and my partner Fred. And, also as we have done in the past, all of our Dallas and Sherman friends have been invited- and almost every one of them has showed up.

You will be seeing a number of pictures starring these attendees, so perhaps I can just run down the list:

 Fred Nabors, one of the birthday boys
 Ron Mathis, one of the birthday boys
 Jay Enriquez, Ron's partner
 Lou Acevedo, our friend from Oak Cliff
 Tom Harris, another friend from Oak Cliff
 John Evans, Tom's partner
 Brad Kronick, the AA pilot from Grand Prairie
 Barbara Reynolds, our friend from McKinney
 Lynne Richardson, our friend from Dallas and the Arts
 Chris Young, Ron's former partner from Sherman
 Dennis, Chris's boyfriend
 Hank, Ron's friend from Allen
 Keith, Hank's partner
 Larry French, our friend from Dallas
 Denny Milne, Larry's partner

I am always thankful when Ron and Jay want to use their house for these gatherings- particularly in the summer, since they have a pool. But they also have a lot of space for people to wander around in and a pool table for all us hustlers to use. But I think they also like to host for another reason, and it is a practical one. Both of them like their Jim Beam and Coke and by hosting the party they can consume as much as they want to since they aren't faced with driving home from my house. So our tradition is that these two birthdays, and Jay's are spent at Ron's house while my own birthday party is held at mine.

As I said, one of the nice things about Ron's house is that they have a pool table. Ron, Jay and I are the most avid players, although Fred and John play as well. While people were arriving, Ron and I played a few games and later on John joined in. The pictures below were all taken around the pool table early on in the party, and the attendees are named from left to right. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized image.

Lou, Jay, Ron
and myself
Myself and Ron Myself and Ron Denny, Lou, Jay, Larry,
Ron, myself and Tom
Denny, Lou, Jay,
Ron, myself and John
Lou, Hank,
Ron and Jay
Brad and myself John Evans

Once everyone had arrived, I borrowed Fred's camera to take a movie and record as many of the attendees who would consent to be filmed. You can watch my movie using the player at left.

While Ron was busy cooking barbecue in his smoker, the rest of us were free to sit around and talk. There is always a lot of catching up at these large parties and, although everyone already knows everyone else, not everyone sees each other with the frequency that Fred and I see just about everyone except Hank and Keith. Some people imbibe and some don't; Lynne and Barbara are usually drinking beer or wine, Fred and I are drinking my frozen drink concoctions (which you can see me making in one of the pictures below), Ron and Jay are having Jim Beam and Coke and so on. So before dinner was laid out we all had a good time. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full-sized images:

Lou, Jay, and Tom Brad, Tom and John Denny, Brad, Larry,
Barbara and Lynne
Dennis and myself Lou, Brad,
Tom and Lynne
Tom, Lynne, John,
Lou and Barbara

Ron and Jay did a great dinner- smoked meats, vegetables, bread and stuff- plus all the hors d'oeuvres that he always sets out. After dinner, it was time for Ron and Fred to open their gifts, even though all the invitations specifically said "no gifts." Fred and I always exchange with Ron and Jay regardless, but other folks brought small gifts as well. The one major thing that I contributed was the cake. It is always a challenge to have it decorated for two people with different ages, so we usually fall back on candle digits. This is the only way that Fred and Ron would have the lung power to blow out their candles. Of course, they always have an incentive to blow them out quickly as that is just about the only way to stop the assemblage from singing "Happy Birthday." If you are a glutton for punishment, you can listen in using the movie player at left.

The party ended up with everyone eating cake and yakking. I have a few pictures of that you can look at. Just click on the thumbnail to see a full-size image:


Hank and Keith left quite early, as they usually do, and the rest of us wound up the party about ten. It was very successful, as are all the gatherings that Ron and Jay host.


August 10-17, 2005: A Trip to Fort Lauderdale
July 22-24, 2005: A Trip to Visit Ron and Prudence
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