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February 25, 2005 to March 29, 2006
The Florida Condo Renovation Project
Pictures from 2006



This page is essentially a continuation of the page from 2005, and contains the pictures and narrative for the work down during 2006.

If you have not already seen the pictures from 2005, you might want to look at that page first. You can access it by clicking here.

If you have already seen those pictures, or don't wish to look at them now, you can continue with the pictures on this page, which contains the various pictures and movies of the condo renovation and refurnishing that I took on my trips down here in 2006. I have organized the pictures by date, and have supplied descriptions and a thumbnail for each picture. To view the full-size image, just click on the appropriate thumbnail.


February 1, 2006


During my trip down here this past week, I have been arranging for and taking delivery of some of the new furniture and accessories for the condo. Here are some pictures that will give you an idea of what the status of all the furnishings is now; to see a full-sized picture, just click on its thumbnail:

I've had the sofa for a few months, but have just gotten the living room rug from Home Depot. The artwork is hung, I have a new lamp, and I have arranged some of the few pieces of furniture that I kept from the old condo.

I've bought a new flat-screen TV for the living room, and have brought back the dining table and chairs that I had before the renovation. I've also arranged a vase and lamp that I had before.

The kitchen is done, and I've simply put out or away all the kitchen accessories that I had before the renovation. Very little new stuff, save drawer dividers and such, has been bought.

Lighting was another major addition to the condo. We've installed under-counter lighting in the kitchen, a downlight above the window, and innovative track lighting on the ceiling. It remains to get a low-voltage switch to control the ceiling lighting.

This picture's a little fuzzy, but here is the new rug in the living room. It was also ordered through Home Depot with colors designed to match the artwork and window treatments.

The alcove is still a work in progress. We have a new mirror to replace the one broken by the workmen earlier in the project, and it willl just lean against the back wall as shown here to provide more depth to the space and make it seem larger (since it is actually quite a bit smaller because of the new bedroom closet). I am still using the old bookcase and this is a convenient place to park my exercise bike when not in use.

I am still looking for some sort of TV cabinet where I can hide all the electronics. For now, I am using the small baker's rack that had been the kitchen island before the renovation to hold the new television, DVD player and other electronics. I've placed the dining table near the window; the chairs get moved around as needed.

Here's a view of most of the living room. The refrigerator has been recessed into the old closet, and not having that large box out in the room makes everything seem larger.

The new bedroom suite is working well. Currently I am using my old bedcoverings, but Ty and Scott are making a new one to go with the window treatments that they are also making. The lamps go well with the furniture, and I am using one of the dining chairs in the corner. You can also see the new closet; I still have to simplify it some. But I can keep all the bicycles there when I am not using them.

Here you can see the new bedroom rug, also ordered from Home Depot in colors that carry in the artwork colors from the living room, and which will match the new bedcoverings. We had the broken mirror cut down and mounted on the wall to the left of the bed; you walk right towards it when you enter the bedroom, and it makes that end of the room seem bigger and brighter.

I haven't decided what to do with the old computer desk, but I will probably discard it eventually. I am simply sitting at the dining table with my laptop when I use a computer. Since I probably won't get another mainframe, the desk is superfluous. I have moved the old TV into the bedroom to take advantage of the new cable access. The new dresser provides lots of storage, and Ty and Scott are looking into ways to hide the supports behind the mirror.

One of the biggest changes has been the new bathroom. It was gutted and completely rebuilt. We've tiled all the walls and installed a shower in place of the tub. The frameless enclosure makes the bath larger, and Target has provided a neat solution to the problem of where to put shower accessories, since the window sill is sloped now. I like the choice of fixtures in the shower and the new lighting fixture in the ceiling. The mirror also adds to the feeling of spaciousness.

The tile floor in the shower looks great, and matches both the wall tile and the cabinet finish. I've copied the sink fixture that Ty and Scott have in their own condo and aside from an odd problem with the pressure on the hot water side of the fixture, it works great. The counter marble matches that used in the kitchen and extends around over the commode to provide more space. Because of that, we got a low-rise commode and have a installed self-lowering seat. Two problems still exist. One is that the handle on the commode keeps coming off occasionally. The other is that I haven't quite figured out yet where the tissue holder will go.


March 29, 2006


I was down in Florida in late March, 2006 to spend a week or so, and also to be in the condo when some new furniture was delivered and some of the paintings and such arranged. The condo renovation has certainly been a work in progresss, and this represents the last of the major work that was done. From this point forward, the condo is basically finished and is just to be enjoyed.

If you would like to see a full-size picture, please click on the appropriate thumbnail from those below:

In the living room, almost all the furniture is new. The blue sleeper sofa came from City Furniture on Federal, and its color matches the blue color in the two prints by Glockel, one of which is hung over it. The end tables came from Modernage, also on Federal, and the lamps were a gift from Ty and Scot. The rug, which again pulls in colors from the prints, was actually ordered from Home Depot.

Of course, the kitchen doesn't have furniture, but you can see that a couple of the tall chairs from the dining table that I got before the renovation started are being used as reverse bar stools; they are just the right height.

The bedroom has changed dramatically. The bedroom suite came from Eldorado Furniture all the way out on University Avenue and the lamps came from City Furniture. I am using one of the dining table chairs in the corner, and the patterned rug came again from Home Depot. Ty and Scott made the bed coverings using the same fabrick that they used for the window treatments in the living room, and the total effect is very coordinated but also very dramatic. The bedspread is so nice that I always take it off and put it away when I am there so that it doesn't get worn out or something spilled on it.

On the other side of the bedroom, I have moved the old television from the living room into the bedroom and placed it on the dresser, since there is now a cable connection here in the bedroom. The lamp actually came from Target, and the chair is one that I had before the renovation. I am looking for more artwork for the bedroom, as I want to turn that corner into a reading nook.

The living room is still something of a work in progress. I bought a new flat-screen television to take the place of the old one, and I wanted to find a nice credenza on which to put it and in which to put the components. Against the far wall is the one I found at Eldorado Furniture. But when I got it delivered, I thought that it looked good right where it was under the print. So I am debating what other piece of furniture I might get for the electronics.


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