February 16-19, 2007: Visiting Guy at Ruckman Haus
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January 28 - February 2, 2007
A Trip to Florida



This trip to Florida is the first in a long time that isn't centered around something having to do with the condo renovation, which is now completed. There are things like pictures to hang and stuff like that, but no more links to the renovation page for you to follow. This trip is a short one; Fred has dropped me off at the airport on Sunday night, and is due to pick me up this coming Friday.

This is just a trip to take advantage of the condo and the January weather in Florida. Also, there are a few things I want to do before Fred and I come down in late February and Guy joins us for a few days as well.


January 31: I Meet Ron's New Partner


I have done my usual activities since getting here on Sunday night. I took the bus into town from the airport, and Jack gave me a ride to the car rental place on Monday so I could pick up a vehicle for the rest of the week. I've gotten together with Ty and Scott, and they've helped me hang two pictures in the bedroom. I've also done my best to fix the commode handle so it doesn't come off so often, but I may not yet have fixed it permanently.

Since I was last here, Leroy Trehern has moved out (again) of Ron's house and is now living with his friend, Richard. I think this may be the final time Leroy will have moved out because Ron has already told me that he's met someone new- Jay. On Monday evening, I had dinner at Acapulco Lindo with Ron and Richard and Leroy, but Jay couldn't join us. This evening, Wednesday, Ron and Jay have come by the condo and we are going to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Jay seems like a good guy; he works as an insurance auditor (someone who looks for irregularities in insurance claims) for a large insurance company. He lives with Ron during most of the week, but is gone a couple of nights to be with his Mom outside Fort Lauderdale. Their relationship seems to be working out well, and Ron seems happy.


February 1: Riding Along Fort Lauderdale Beach


This won't be a week for any really long bike rides, but I do want to get out some when the weather cooperates (there have been a good many showers this week, and it has been on the cool side).

Today, I did bike over to the beach for a while, following the usual route from the condo up to Las Olas and then straight over the E Las Olas Bridge to the beach. Then I rode north towards Sunrise Boulevard. There is a lot of construction right at the intersection of Las Olas and A1A; they are making the traffic flow better because it is such a busy corner. As soon as I could cross A1A and get on the beach walk, I headed north and, as I biked along, I took a movie of my ride along the beach, and you can watch it with the player below.

One of the newest additions to Fort Lauderdale beach has been taking shape for the last year or so- the Hilton Resort/Condominium. I have marked its location on the aerial view of the central part of Fort Lauderdale beach. This new building is a striking one due to the wavy lines of its terraces and the extreme step-back construction that allows every floor to have balconies open to the sun from above. I understand that the resort will have "time shares" as well as condos, and that part of it will be run like a hotel.

I guess they are expecting it to generate a lot of traffic back and forth to the beach, because they are going to build another overhead walkway like the one a half-mile further up at the Sheraton Yankee Trader. When I was here last year, they were just beginning to lay the foundation for the stairway/elevator tower that will be on the beach side of A1A, but now you can see that the stairway/elevator tower is almost complete. They have not begun work on the walkway itself yet, although there are supports already built into the side of the new building so that it can be supported on that side. Perhaps when we return next month they will have started construction of the walkway.

Well, those were the highlights of this particular visit to Florida. I have everything pretty much ready for our return in February and for Guy's visit during that trip.


February 16-19, 2007: Visiting Guy at Ruckman Haus
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