August 21-29, 2007: A Trip to Fort Lauderdale
August 6-8, 2007: A Visit to Ruckman Haus in San Antonio
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August 12, 2007
The Mathis-Nabors Birthday Bash


Well, it's that time of year again. Ron Mathis was born on August 1, and Fred was born on August 6, and so, as we have done for quite a few years now, we celebrate their birthdays together. And again, as usual, we are doing so at Ron Mathis's house in Plano, on a Sunday afternoon (to accommodate Chris Young, who works on Saturdays). Fred and I got there a bit early so we could help Jay with whatever he might need in setting up, and the rest of the guests arrived later.

Before dinner, we all caught up with each other while noshing on the many delicious hors d'oeuvres that Jay had prepared. Here are some of the pictures that Fred and I took of the various conversations going on; to look at a full-size picture, just click on its thumbnail:

Barbara chats with Ron Mathis and Jay while Fred and I play a game of pool.

Jay is showing me the latest Star Trek collectible that he found on Ebay, while Chris Young looks on.

Lou Acevedo and I are posing for Fred's picture, while I am waiting to play the next game of pool with Ron.

Barbara, our friend and Ron are chatting while Jay is working on some of the dishes for the dinner.

Fred wanted to see what Jay was working on, so he wandered into the kitchen to find that he was putting together the kabobs for Ron to barbecue. Ron came into the kitchen to get them, and took them right out to the grill, where Fred captured the barbecue chef hard at work.

Barbara and Ron share a hug while the grill is on autopilot.

Our friend and Chris Young.

Jay is hard at work in the kitchen getting all the side dishes ready to take to the buffet when the barbecueing is finished.

Barbara and Jay.

When everything was ready, Ron and Jay took most of the dishes into the dining room so that everyone could start fixing their plates and sitting down to dinner. As usual, everything that Ron and Jay fixed was wonderful. After dinner, both Fred and I took pictures of the entire group. The best one was one that I took with Fred's camera, and you can see that picture here.

Once cake was served, we gathered in the living room to watch Ron and Fred open their birthday gifts and cards. Fred got some candles from our friend, and seemed particularly pleased with them.

The rest of us sat around and watched, and you can see the gallery here and here.

It was another great birthday party, and all of us thank Ron and Jay for hosting!

August 21-29, 2007: A Trip to Fort Lauderdale
August 6-8, 2007: A Visit to Ruckman Haus in San Antonio
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