October 16-24, 2007: A Trip to Fort Lauderdale
September 16, 2007: A Visit to the Arboretum
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September 18-26, 2007
A Trip to Fort Lauderdale



An Afternoon Bike Ride (September 19th)

On Wednesday, I left the condo just after lunch to ride up to Hillsboro Inlet and back. The ride took about two hours. I've taken pictures of the route up north of Fort Lauderdale beach before, and you may have seen them on earlier album pages. But I have made something of a habit of taking some pictures down at Fort Lauderdale beach to record the progress of three construction projects that have been going on for some time.

The first is a new pedestrian overpass that has been built to connect a new condo/hotel next to Beach Place with the beach itself (presumably so folks don't have to jaywalk across A1A, something that isn't really that difficult anyway). They've completed the elevator tower on the beach side and have the frame and support structure completed over the roadway. Last time I was here, they had attached one panel of the wavy outside sheathing, but now you can see it is all up.

The second project I have been tracking is the construction of the new W Fort Lauderdale- a hotel/condo building that is going up on an entire block just north of the Sheraton Yankee Trader. All that seems to have happened since last time is the completion of some more of the outside; I think it may be as high as it is going.

The third project is the new Trump Fort Lauderdale, which I think is going to be entirely condominiums. I don't think Trump has assigned one of his "apprentices" to oversee this particular project, which is taking up most of a block just north of the W Fort Lauderdale. Another floor or two have been poured since the last time I was here.

There is one other building in this stretch that seems to have been completed and is ready to open- another Hilton hotel and resort. The last few times I've been here, it seems to have been outside work that has been done. You can see a picture of this (almost finished) building here.

I continued my ride up to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, a point about halfway to Hillsboro Inlet. I plan on going all the way to the inlet tomorrow or the next day. In the evening I went over to Ron and Jay's house and we went out for dinner.


An Afternoon Bike Ride (September 22nd)

The rest of the week there was a good bit of rain, so I didn't really get out again until today, which is Saturday. Finally, I have taken that bike ride up the coast to Hillsboro Inlet- about a 25-mile round-trip. As I have probably mentioned before, the city of Pompano Beach has built a nice park right by the bridge over the waterway, and from one of the many benches in the park you can look out the inlet.


River Traffic (September 26th)

Well, I have had a relaxing, if uneventful, visit, doing stuff with Ron and Jay and Ty and Scott, going out a couple of times and playing some pool. Because of the rain, I also got a fair amount done on my photo album. Today, I am getting things organized for my trip home this evening. There has been some rain today, but that hasn't caused the boat traffic on the river to abate any; in fact, there have been a number of very large yachts going up and down the river all morning. A few of them were being towed, either because of necessity or because their pilots felt nervous about navigating the narrow river. In any event, they made for interesting watching. I took two good movies of two different boats, one coming downriver and one going up, and you can watch those movies using the players below:


I had another uneventful flight home after a pleasant week here.

October 16-24, 2007: A Trip to Fort Lauderdale
September 16, 2007: A Visit to at the Arboretum
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