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I continue to have temporary custody of Fred's cat, Bobbie Lee Maxine, who has been with me for over a year now, when Fred brought her down here while we were on our cruise in 2008. Then we acquired Lucky from Fred's mom's house in April, so he has been here for nine months now. I'm going to put most of the pet pictures onto this page, regardless of when they were taken or whether or not they were in conjunction with some other event or trip.



January 10

Lucky has grown a great deal in the last nine months, going from a few ounces to over ten pounds. His hair has gotten even longer and fluffier, and he has developed a habit of lying on the desk when anyone is trying to use the computer. (He knows that his mouse toys are in the drawer there, and he is working on getting able to open it himself.

Today, I just happened to catch Lucky in a couple of interesting poses, like the one at left and the picture of him lying in front of the little space heater here in the den. You can have a look at that picture here.



January 25

Fred and I were hanging out in the den after dinner this evening, and, for a change, both cats joined us. This enabled me to get some good candid shots of both Bobbie Lee and Lucky in the same room at the same time, and if you will click on the thumbnail images below, you can have a look at some of these pictures:



February 13

We had our record snowfall on Thursday and Friday and now it's Saturday and Fred is here with Lucky, fresh from his experience in Van Alystne with the snow.

Lucky and His Bell

When Fred took Lucky out in the snow, he put a collar on him with a bell, just in case he ran off it might be easier to find him. This movie has Lucky showing off his new collar in the living room.

Lucky and the Laser

One of Lucky's favorite things to do, when he is all pumped up, is to run around the house chasing the laser pointer light. I can have him running back and forth the length of downstairs almost endlessly. Here, he's playing with the laser light on the living room sofa.

Lucky and His Collar

I don't know how he did it, but Lucky got the collar from around his neck into his mouth, and he has no way to get it out. Before I helped him get it back where it belonged, I made this movie of his efforts to get it out of his mouth.

I guess all his exertions tuckered him out, for less than thirty minutes later he was falling asleep in the den chair in what seems to be one of his favorite positions- on his back, all stretched out with all four paws in the air. Usually, he is up against something when he sleeps this way.



February 21

Just one picture today. I have never understood how Lucky can sleep in some of the positions he ends up in- such as this one, flat on his back with all four paws in the air. Ah, to be a cat at bedtime!



February 27

This morning, Fred's made an English muffin with some peanut butter on it. He tells me that Lucky actually likes peanut butter and that it's fun to watch him eat it. So he brings the muffin into the den, and Lucky shows immediate interest. Then Lucky reached over to check out what's on the plate. He doesn't like muffins much, but will always eat peanut butter off Fred's finger.



March 5

Over the last year, Fred has bought Lucky a number of catnip-infused mice, and we keep them, along with other cat toys, in the drawer just to the left of the computer keyboard. That's one reason why Lucky likes to lie on the counter right near that drawer, which happens to be right in the way of what you're doing. Lately, he has gotten better and better about getting his paw into the drawer and pushing it open. He can't quite do it yet, but one day he will, and then we'll find mice all over the house. (We usually close the den door when we take one out for that very reason.)

Anyway, today we had the other drawer open to get something out, and Lucky was intrigued. Maybe these pictures are just a dry run for getting into the actual drawer where the mice are. Click on each of the thumbnail images above, left to see some of these pictures of Lucky at work.

Lucky in the Drawer

This movie will show you how Lucky gets into the drawers in the den. One of these days, he'll get the whole procedure down, and then it will be "Katy Bar the Door!"



April 17

Lucky Gets a Shower

I've probably mentioned before that Fred gives Lucky showers occasionally, and that Lucky doesn't seem to mind much. In this video, you can watch Fred actually give him a shower.



August 29

What I have today are pictures of a couple of cats sleeping. I used to think that only Lucky slept with wild abandon, feet up in the air or paws akimbo, but today I found Bobbie Lee emulating him- at least until my flash woke her up. Click on the thumbnails at left and have a look at a couple of cats in total relaxation mode.



December 4

Lucky has developed a bit of a habit with the chair cushions in the study. It has come about when he has gotten one of his small mice down into the cushion, and he has worried at it until he is able to lift the cushion up somewhat. Because the cushion is snug, once he raises it to get at the mouse, he has to get on top of it to lower it again- which, of course, he rarely does. But what he does do sometimes, as in the picture at left, is get up underneath the cushion to take a nap. I got this picture of him doing so, though he woke up as soon as I got up out of my chair to find my camera.



December 25

This evening, when we got back from spending Christmas Day at Steve and Mario's, we occupied ourselves in the study for a while, and, as usual, Lucky kept us company (and the old lady, Bobbie Lee, was there, too). We'd been wondering why we kept finding Lucky's toy mice all over the house when we didn't recall getting them out for him, and as a precaution we'd put a rubber band on the toy drawer to keep him out. But tonight, we found out that our precautions were for naught.

Lucky Gets a Mouse

Now we know exactly how Lucky goes about getting his toys out all by himself, bypassing the security precautions we'd put in place.

This brings the pet page for this year to an end.

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