October 14-28, 2013: Our Fall Trip to Florida
September 9-27, 2013: A Trip to England, Scotland and Ireland
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October 12, 2013
A Lunch Gathering at Barbara's


For a while, Barbara has been planning to have all her friends over to her house in McKinney for a gathering/party, and she has planned it for a couple of weeks after we returned from England. The gathering will be today, Saturday.


Getting to Barbara's House

Many years ago, Barbara used to live down in Dallas, and for a while, she lived in my Mom's condo when my Mom moved to the Bentley retirement home. But after a while, her desire to be nearer to her daughter, Heather, and her grandkids prompted her to move to McKinney. Her first house there was near US 75, and you have seen album pages previously for parties that she had at that house. But a few years ago, a house came available in the same neighborhood as her daughter, and so she moved into it.

It is in a neighborhood in southwest McKinney, and for Fred and I to get there it is a trip up the Dallas North Tollway to the new Sam Rayburn Tollway (the old US 121). There, we angle northeast towards McKinney, leaving the tollway at Custer to head north.

Once on Custer, we just head north to Stonebridge, which angles northeast. Crossing Eldorado, which goes east right into McKinney, we turn right off Stonebridge to wind our way through suburban streets to the cloistered neighborhood where Barbara and her daughter live.

As you can see from the aerial view at left, Barbara does indeed live very close to her daughter; all either has to do is walk around the block to see the other. Barbara's grandkids can visit whenever they want as well.

I suppose the only problem Barbara has with where she is has to do with the distance she has to travel to get down here to the museums or the Symphony, things that she likes to do and that we like to do with her. But we've been able to work around that, with more lunches and afternoon performances. Other than that, Barbara loves being close to family, and we are happy to take advantage of any invitation we get to come visit her- as we are doing today.


Barbara's Party

Barbara had invited all of our group of friends and aside from Mario and Steve, just about everyone showed up. In the pictures here in my album, you'll recognize Barbara and a friend of hers from McKinney, Ron and Jay, Tom and John, Fred and I, Paul, Lou and Lynne.

As usual, Barbara drafted me to be the bartender and make some frozen margaritas for the group; I think four or five people were customers. Fred took most of the pictures, and there are a few relative close-ups you might want to see; just click on the links below to view:

Lou, John and Lynne
John, Barbara, Lou and Paul
Myself, Lynne and Barbara's Friend
Lou and I
Lou and Barbara

The gathering was really enjoyable. A number of folks brought food dishes of various kinds, and Barbara supplied some barbeque. Both before and after we ate there was a lot of conversation and catching up. Fred and I took some additional pictures during the day that I want to include here. Just click on the thumbnails below to view:

We thank Barbara for her hospitality and a great afternoon!

October 14-28, 2013: Our Fall Trip to Florida
September 9-27, 2013: A Trip to England, Scotland and Ireland
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