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October 19-25, 1981
A Trip to San Francisco

In October, I had another trip to San Francisco to do some work at the Federal Reserve of San Francisco. The work would be just four days, so I decided to stay Friday and Saturday and take a side trip to Sacramento (and try to hit as many Baskin-Robbins stores as I could while I was there). I stayed over in San Francisco on Thursday night, and on Friday set out along I-80 to Sacramento.

California certainly has a lot to offer as far as scenery is concerned, and my short trip to Sacramento was no exception. The trip from San Francisco was fairly short, so I continued on east of Sacramento a ways so I could get up into the Sierra Nevada mountains. I did not go all the way to the crest of the chain, however. Here are some of the pictures I took along I-80 east of Sacramento:

This picture was taken in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains east Sacramento.

At this spot you can park and walk down to one of the rivers flowing through the area. This particular one flows towards the city of Sacramento.

(Picture at left)
This is one of the many streams that flow through the Sierra Nevada mountains, taken from Interstate 80 east of Sacramento.




(Picture at right)
Here you see a railroad bridge over one of the rivers through the Sierra Nevada mountains. Along I-80 there are a large number of overlooks and points of interest, and this is one of them.

I spent Friday night in Sacramento and on Saturday drove around the area for a time, ending up back in San Francisco on Saturday night to catch a flight the next morning back to Chicago. Here are the other two pictures I took on Saturday and Sunday:

Near Sacramento, off I-80, there was a rest area that also had some old railroad structures that you could wander through, and I took the picture at left while I was wandering around those structures.



I took only a single picture from the plane on the way back to Chicago, and it is at right.


  My Friday evening in Sacramento was, as it turned out, a memorable one, but the reasons for this have nothing to do with the pictures in this photo album. I did, however, want to add a personal note to this album, and so I have chosen to put my description of my evening in Sacramento on its own password-protected page. To access that page, just click on the button at left.

I enjoyed my stay in San Francisco and my overnight in Sacramento, but was happy to get home to Chicago. I just had a single afternoon to turn around and head off to my next assignment in Montreal.


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