As has been the case in prior years, the album pages for the years covered by this index will contain much content from websites on the Internet. Of course, this information was not available in when the pictures on these pages were taken, and it is only because these pages were created in 2017 that I am able to include it.

1981 Photograph Album Pages

January 8-11: A Weekend in California
January 26-30: A Week in New York City
April 28-29: A Stop in Frankfurt, Germany
April 30 - May 14: Two Weeks in Saudi Arabia
August 19-21: A Class in New York City
August 23 - September 12: A Trip to Caracas, Venezuela
October 19-25: A Week in San Francisco/Sacramento
December 22-27: Christmas in North Carolina
Miscellaneous Pictures for 1981
1982 Photograph Album Pages

June 12-13: A Visit to New Salem, Illinois
July 3-10: A Week in Brighton, England
July 20-25: A Visit to North Carolina
September 4-11: A Week in Hawaii
October 8-11: A Weekend in Dallas
November 20: My 36th Birthday
December 20-27: Christmas in North Carolina
December 28-30: A Visit to Savannah, Georgia
Miscellaneous Pictures for 1982