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Miscellaneous Pictures for 1981


On this page, I'll put the pictures from 1981 that weren't associated with a major event or trip. There may also be some pictures I want to put in my album even if I did not take them.


June 13: Tony Visits Me in Chicago

This week, my good friend from Cullinane days, Tony Hirsch, had to be in Chicago on business, and his girlfriend Monique decided to come with him. I prevailed on them to stay at my condo, and they accepted. I didn't see a lot of them during their stay, because I had a short trip out of town myself, but it was nice to have them here.

Since I would be gone most of the time, I gave the two of them my bedroom for their stay. At left you see Monique on the sofa in the condo. Both Monique and Tony are involved in an organization called the Center for Psychological Fitness. I know that this sort of thing is not really Tony's idea, but rather the idea of his friends Serge and Linda, and I think Tony met Monique there. To hear Tony talk about it, it is almost like a cult, but apparently a nice one.

And here is one of my best friends, Tony Hirsch. In this picture you can see some of the changes that I made to the apartment, particularly the removal of the door to the kitchen and its replacement with the passthrough. The dining table is still too large for the area, and I will have to consider doing something about that.

Although it has no relationship to Tony's visit, I might mention here that upon my return from Saudi Arabia I confided in my friend Steven (my travel agent) what had happened. He was pleased, and commented that he had thought he knew my orientation all along, but thought it better to let me figure it out for myself in my own good time. This, of course, made me wonder just how transparent I have been all these years.


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