October 23-29, 1992: A Vacation in Colorado, Utah and Arizona
October 3-4: Tony Hirsch Visits Dallas
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October 7-18, 1992
A Trip to Fort Lauderdale


This trip to Fort Lauderdale completes the complex trip I began in the middle of September, one that involved traveling to Atlanta, Charlotte and Savannah, then to Fort Lauderdale (where I left my car), the class in Kansas City and a weekend in Dallas to visit with my friend Tony. Fred will be working this coming weekend and at his Mother's the weekend after that, so I wouldn't be able to do much with him anyway. I will get back early enough on the 18th that we'll be able to do dinner when he gets back from DeLeon.


A Boat Trip to Hillsborough Inlet

On Friday after my arrival, Ty and Scott asked me out to dinner where I met two friends of theirs who were down in Ft. Lauderdale for vacation. I offered to take them out in the boat the next day, and so we planned an outing. Ty and Scott brought drinks and munchies, and their friends and we met up at the condo. We then took the boat down the New River to the Intracoastal Waterway, and then this time north to Hillsborough Inlet- about six miles away. There, we went out the inlet into the ocean for just a short ways, and then returned to the shelter of the Waterway. (If you would like to know more about the Intracoastal Waterway, take a look at the album page for my trip down here on September 15th.) We docked the boat at a restaurant near the inlet to have a late lunch.

Below are the only picture I took (when we were tying up at the dock), and, right beside that, the strip map showing our route (the map is in a scrollable window). To find the condo and our starting (and ending) point, scroll all the way to the bottom.


A Boat Trip to Miami (Via the Atlantic Ocean!)

The next weekend, Ty, Scott, and I decided to take another trip down to Miami, the first one a few weeks earlier had been so much fun and so relaxing.

We left the condo and once again traveled down the New River to the Intracoastal Waterway, and then turned south to go under the 17th Street Bridge and into Lake Mabel- the large area of open water just inside Everglades Inlet. It is here that the various cruises that leave from Fort Lauderdale have their docks. There is also one military dock and some commercial docks as well.

When we got into Lake Mabel, we were treated to two or three large cruise ships docked and preparing for their departure this afternoon. There was also an aircraft carrier docked here, and before we headed down to Miami we wanted to motor closer to it. This trip to Miami will be different than a month ago, though. Since we traveled down the Intracoastal Waterway last time, this time, with the boating experts Ty and Scott along, we will go out Everglades Inlet and into the ocean to head south. We will be able to go at whatever speed we wish out there, and we will usually be about a mile off shore. The return trip will be back up the Waterway. I didn't take a great many pictures this time, but here are the ones I did take:

Passing Close to the Aircraft Carrier

We motored slowly south in Lake Mabel to get as close to the carrier as we thought advisable. This ship has been in port for a couple of days; you don't realize how big these things are until you get right up close to them. I think that Ty just wanted to look at the sailors.

Hollywood, Florida, as Seen from the Ocean

The ocean route is what Ty and Scott and Grant had done the time they went down to Miami; it is a much different experience than the shelter of the Intracoastal. We wouldn't have done it had the ocean been at all choppy, but it was pretty calm- particularly this close in.

South Miami Beach, Florida

This is the area that has been restored and renovated in the last few years. Many of the buildings have been painted, such as some of the ones you see here.

Miami Beach, Florida

This area is just north of the largest Miami Beach highrises. We again had near perfect weather for our trip today.

I returned to Dallas on Sunday afternoon, and I was at home when Fred returned from DeLeon, so we were able to have supper and spend the evening together before he headed back to work the next morning.

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October 23-29, 1992: A Vacation in Colorado, Utah and Arizona
October 3-4: Tony Hirsch Visits Dallas
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