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October 7-18, 1993: A Trip to Fort Lauderdale
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October 23-28, 1992
A Camping Trip to Colorado, Utah and Arizona


Fred likes to take a trip in the fall, during a lull at Crump's Garden, and we are going to take this fall's trip together. I can only assume that Fred has found me an acceptable hiking companion; I do enjoy it very much. We have gotten very comfortable with each other, and while I will always have my memories of Grant, I am making new ones with Fred.

October 24 The Continental Divide
Durango, Colorado
October 25 Mesa Verde National Park
Silverton, Colorado
October 26 Camping by the Colorado River
Arches National Park
Bridges National Park
October 27 Bridges National Park
Navajo National Monument
Monument Valley
The Grand Canyon

I'm happy that Fred likes to plan these trips; I do so much planning for my business travel that it is very nice to give my time over to someone else for a change. So far, Fred has been to many of the places we have visited, but he enjoys seeing them again with someone new. Sooner or later, I'll do more planning- particularly when Fred and I go to Florida for the first time, but for now, he's the one with the knowledge necessary.

We will be taking Fred's truck again on this trip. I don't know if all the gear would fit into the Honda, but in any event, it is in Florida while I am driving Greg's Miata, and we certainly couldn't take that. I have not done much driving of Fred's truck, but I have offered, and on this trip I expect he will take me up on that.

This is the second or third time in this photo album that I took too many pictures during a single trip to put them all on one page, as the page would become unwieldy and take too long to load. So I will use again the practice of having this index page into the trip, and then a separate physical web page for each day of it. At left you will find a table that contains links to each of the days in this three-day trip. Along with each link there is a list of the major things we did each day, so if you are looking for something specific, you will know which day it was a part of.

If you want to look at everything, just start with the first day; there will be the usual links on the pages for each day that will take you to the next, back to the previous, or back to this index page. To go on through the photo album beyond this particular trip, you will need to return to this page.