April 10, 1993: An Afternoon at Six Flags
January 9, 1993: A Visit to the Fort Worth Water Gardens
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March 18-21, 1993
A Long Weekend in South Texas


During his slow month, Fred has taken Thursday and Friday off, and we are making a trip down to Austin and San Antonio to see some of the sights, and then we will drive out to Leakey, Texas, to visit with Frank and Joe for a couple of days. To follow us along on this trip, just click on any of the day links below, and then go page to page (day to day) through the trip, returning here after the last day so you can continue on through the album.

March 18 Austin- The Texas State Capital
March 19 San Antonio- The Missions and the Alamo
March 20 San Antonio and Leakey- Hemisfair Park and the Trip to Leakey
March 21 Leakey- At Frank and Joe's