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October 22-25, 1998: A Fall Trip to Arkansas and Missouri
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October 31 - November 2, 1998
My Sister Judy Visits Dallas


On Halloween, my sister Judy came to Dallas for another short visit. She did spend a good deal of time with Mom, but I did not take any pictures while we at Mom's condo. But we did take pictures out at Jeffie's stables, and we did take a few when my sister surprised Fred and I by cobbling together a costume and going out to the street party on Cedar Springs with Jeffie, Fred and I.



I am not really sure why Judy decided that she'd dress up and go out for Halloween; it didn't strike me as something she would have been likely to do, but, what the heck- she was away from home and so no one she knew would be likely to see here (perhaps).

Jeffie, Myself and Judy

In any event, we raided my closet to see what we could find. Judy found an old police shirt that Grant had worn, and it fit her well enough that along with her jeans was a passable costume. She was also able to wear the equipment belt, nightstick, and stuff like that.

I wore my old army shirt and some jeans, and Jeffie came already dressed in a black slip-like affair and had lettered a sash with the term "Freudian" written on it (just in case no one could figure out that she was going as a "Freudian slip". Fred just wore an orange shirt, vest and cap.

In addition to the two pictures below, I took one of Jeffie and Judy that I want to include here.

Here are the other two pictures I took before we headed out to the street party (which was, incidentally, very, very festive):


At Jeffie's Stables

The other thing we did was to go visit Jeffie's stables; Judy, of course, was very interested in where Jeffie and Logan were boarding and riding.

Jeffie's stables are up in Plano, where there is still enough open land for them to exist. Of course, you'd expect stables in Dallas to be out in the burbs (although there is one over by White Rock Lake). Jeffie's is up in the direction where our friends Ron and Chris live, and getting there takes about 45 minutes.

To get to Hidden Creek, stables, its a 15-mile trip up US 75/Central Expressway to Spring Creek Parkway, then east and north.

The stables are actually located just off Jupiter Road, a major street that runs all the way through Plano and Richardson and right down into Dallas and Garland.

As you can see, the entrance is right off Jupiter, and you can see the main barn in the aerial view (and will see it in some of the pictures as well).

Jeffie has owned Logan for a few years now, and brought the horse to Dallas when she moved out here to take a job with BMG Music in their office up on I-635 in North Dallas. Horses are a big part of her life, as they have always been- the result of their having been Judy's passion she she was a lot younger than Jeffie is now.

Fred and I both got our chance to ride Logan, although I am sure that a real horseperson would have found much to criticize in our technique:

Logan brings a lot of pleasure into Jeffie's life, and I am sure that when she is working she is looking forward to the next time that she and Logan are together.

Judy brought her movie camera with her and took some video as Jeffie put Logan through his paces. And both Fred and I took other still pictures throughout our visit; you can click on the thumbnail images below to have a look at some of them:

I might point out that of course Jeffie's is not the only horse being boarded here. I happened to take a couple of pictures of two other dappled white horses out in the pasture, and you can have a look at those pictures here and here.

We enjoyed Judy's short visit very much, and I hope she comes out here frequently to see our Mother and Jeffie.

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November 21, 1998: My 52nd Birthday Party
October 22-25, 1998: A Fall Trip to Arkansas and Missouri
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