November 20, 1999: My 53rd Birthday
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November 25 & December 25, 1999
Thanksgiving and Christmas


This is the last page for this year, containing the few pictures that we took on Thanksgiving and then, a month later, on Christmas.



On Thanksgiving, Fred and I invited Mike Racke and his friend, Don Greever, to join us. Along with my Mom and my niece, Jeffie, that made an even six.

Our Group at Thanksgiving

I did a turkey again this year (as I do just about every year); it is a tradition that I have continued from my years growing up. The only difference is that it's me doing the cooking, rather than my Mom. I get up early in the morning to prepare the stuffing, stuff the largest bird I can find, and get it in the oven so that it can be done my mid-afternoon.

All during the morning, and right up until the time I take it out, I baste it, just as I learned by watching my Mom. When the guests arrive, then I put everything else together- a traditional menu. Making the gravy is the last step.

In the picture at left, we are sitting down to eat. Around the table from the back left are Mike Racke, my mom, myself, Fred, Jeffie and Don Greever.

Oh, and the other attendee, watching us from the back stairs was my cat, Chip.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving dinner, finishing up with two pies that Fred baked this morning.



Christmas is another tradition with me- assuming I am at home. It's turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas, and so by New Year's my freezer is full for another year.

Our Group at Christmas

This year, I was pleased to have a large group over for the day, and you can see all these folks in the group picture at left. Seated on the sofa at left is my Mom, of course, and I am standing in front of the curtains in the background. We were pleased that Lowery and Ron had made a Christmas trip to Texas so that Lowery could see his relatives and Ron his own mother up in Oklahoma. Lowery is in the white sweater, and Ron is just to my right. Just in front of the tree is my oldest friend, Greg, and between him and Ron is our friend Brad, the airline pilot. Completing the group are my niece Jeffie and Fred, seated on the hearth.

Once again, I had dinner ready in mid-afternoon, after we'd all done what gift exchanging we wanted, and it was a really great day- particularly with the visit of Ron and Lowery. We only took two other pictures, one of my Mother and I and one of Jeffie and her Grandmother. You can see these below:

It was a nice Christmas, and a nice end to the year! You can use the links below to continue to another photo album page.

November 20, 1999: My 53rd Birthday
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