1999 Photograph Album Pages  

January 29 - February 7: A Trip to Florida
March 6: Lowery Evans' Birthday
April 4: A Visit to the Dallas Arboretum
April 24: Ron and Lowery's Anniversary
May 8: Ron and Lowery Leave for Florida
May 15-16: A Trip to New Hampshire
May 18: A Visit Jack Fontaine in MA
June 12-14: I Visit Lowery and Ron in FL
June 19-25: My Sister Judy Visits Dallas
July 13-18: A Summer Trip to California
August 1: Fred and Ron Have Birthdays
September 4: Prudence's Wedding
November 4-7: We Visit Lowery and Ron in FL
November 20: My 53rd Birthday Party
November 25 & December 25: Thanksgiving and Christmas


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