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July 11-17, 1999
A Summer Trip to California


Fred and I have planned a week-long trip to California this summer, but we will actually only be gone for six days. The only convenient time for us to go was the middle of July, and Fred needed some time at home both before we left and after we returned. So we planned on flying to San Francisco on Sunday, July 11 and return on Saturday the 17th. We want to visit Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Parks, and also the Redwoods. We also want to visit San Francisco and cross the Golden Gate Bridge to Mt. Tamalpais.

I will be creating a separate web page for each day of our trip (so that no one page takes too long to load). This page contains the Master Index for the trip, and if you are familiar with how these index pages are used, you can skip the explanation and simply click



Using the Master Index

This trip is organized with a separate album page for each day, and in the Master Index below you will find links that will take you directly to any of those day pages. Each of these links will be alongside a description of the things we did that day, so you can skip directly to a day that might interest you. If you want to go through the whole trip day to day, then simply use the first day link and start there.

When you get to one of the day pages, you will see the same familiar buttons at the top and bottom of each page that will take you to the next day, the previous day or back to this Master Index. As I said, I have tried to organize things so that all you should want to do is use the "NEXT" button to go from page to page, but I have provided the other buttons should you wish to use them. When you finish looking at our trip, use the "RETURN" button (top or bottom of every page) to return to this Master Index. When you return to this page, you will find a link to take you to the top of this page where you will find the links that connect to the next and previous album pages for this year.

Each day page is divided into sections- each place we stopped or event that occurred will get its own section. If you are looking for a particular section, just scroll down until you find it; none of the pages are so big that this will take much time.

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. To access the Master Index, please click HERE.

























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Monday, July 12th Flying to California
The Tuolumne River
The Tuolumne Redwood Grove
The Yosemite Valley
Bridalveil Falls
Tuesday, July 13th The Mariposa Redwood Grove
Kings Canyon National Park
Wednesday, July 14th Yosemite National Park
Vernal Falls
Nevada Falls
Thursday, July 15th Napa, California
San Francisco
Friday, July 16th San Francisco
The Golden Gate Bridge
Mt. Tamalpais
Flying Home























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First Level Heading


Second Level Heading


Page Index
November 9
The Panama Canal

    We Walk to the Parkview
    At the Parkview
    Meeting with Gerry
    The John Hancock Building
    Near North Chicago
    A Ride on Lake Shore Drive
    Grant Park and Dinner

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