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Miscellaneous Pictures for 1999

On this page each year I put pictures that I or Fred took that didn't have anything to do with a particular trip we took or a particular event- like a birthday.


January 17: At Fred's House

This evening, Fred took some pictures around his house as the thickest fog of the season blanketed North Texas. His cypress trees, leafless now in mid-winter, look eerie in the light. Here are a couple of pictures he took of his house:


April 17: At Jeffie's Horse Stable

One Saturday, Fred and I went up to where Jeffie keeps her horse in North Dallas. We watched her ride and hung out with her for part of the afternoon. There was a cute little barn kitten there, and at one point it climbed up my back to sit on my shoulder, at which point Fred took out his camera and got a picture. It is pretty cute, and there is a copy of below:


May 18: At Paymentech in New Hampshire

For two weeks in May, DRT had me on assignment at Paymentech, a credit card processing firm outside Concord, New Hampshire. This was the assignment where, instead of coming back to Dallas for the weekend, I brought Fred to New Hampshire instead. You can see the page for our driving trip around the White Mountains in the main part of the album for this year.

My DRT Coworker

Two Paymentech Personnel

But during the two weeks while I was at Paymentech teaching my class and doing some consulting, I took a few pictures around their office of some of the people I worked with.

Two of these pictures are at left, and you can click on the thumbnail images below to see two more:


June 5: On My Patio

Today, Fred was helping me clean up the patio area at the beginning of the summer, and I took a couple of candid shots showing how lush everything was getting. You can see these two pictures below:


June 25: At Downhill Run Acres

I spent this weekend up at Fred's house helping him do some mowing and stuff while he had to open and close the greenhouses. I do this about every fourth weekend, and we usually go see Ron and Chris on the Saturday night of the weekend.

Behind his house, on the upper terrace of his acreage, Fred has constructed a lily pond. It's a couple of large plastic shells that he has arranged so that a pump recirculates water from the lower one to the upper, and there is consequently a little waterfall that provides a restful tinkling sound that he can hear in the living room, dining room and kitchen and from his upstairs bedroom. The plants have grown quite a bit since he first planted them, and he switches out decorative elements; at the moment, there is a trio of ceramic frogs. Click on the thumbnail images below to see some pictures of this inventive water feature:

Saturday afternoon, Fred ran across a local resident that he just had to photograph, knowing how very much I dislike them. Click on the two thumbnail images below to see the one resident of Downhill Run Acres that I can't abide being close to:


July 4: At Brad's House

On July 4th this year, our friend Brad invited us out to his house for the afternoon. I happened to have my camera with me, so as we drove up, I snapped a picture of Brad's house in Grand Prairie. He had some other guests for the afternoon as well, and had a very nice buffet supper.


July 19: At Crump's Garden Greenhouses

This is another weekend when I was up at Fred's house as he was having to work at the greenhouses on Saturday and Sunday. (He usually doesn't have to do this so soon after the last time, but I understand that he had switched weekends with one of the other guys. I did my usual thing around his house on Saturday, and Saturday afternoon, as we were on the way to Ron and Chris's house for dinner, we had to stop in so Fred could close up the various greenhouses. While he was doing that, I took a couple of pictures, and you can see them below:

A couple of the greenhouses were empty because even now, in July, Crump's was starting to take cuttings for poinsettias and these would be spaced out into the empty houses.


July 28: At My Cousin's House in Cleveland

During the last week in July, I had a business trip to Cleveland to do some work for the Methodist Church. My cousin (my Aunt Marguerite's daughter Margie) has lived in Shaker Heights outside the city for many years, and I finally had an opportunity to go visit her. She is the wife of Dick Bloomquist, and has two children, one of whom happened to be at home the week I visited. I got Dick to take a picture of Margie and I and her daughter Sally; it is one of the few pictures I have of her. You can see it below:


August 7 and December 4: At Mike Racke's House

Fred and I were at Mike Racke's house up in Louella (about five miles north of Fred) twice this year. In August, he had a pool party and invited us. Late that afternoon, I snapped a couple of pictures of some of the guests, and you can see these below:

The second time we were up there was in early December, when Mike had the two of us as well as his friend Brad (yes, our friend as well) and his friend Don Greever up for dinner. Fred took one picture of Brad, Mike and Don, and you can see that picture here.


December 18: Fred's House at Christmas

Fred likes to send out picture Christmas cards, and this year the picture he chose was one of him in his living room with a new Christmas tree that he had put up and decorated. It was a nice picture, so I have put a copy of it below:

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