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June 14-17, 2001
My Sister Visits Dallas


On Thursday, June 14th, my sister Judy arrived in Dallas for a 4-day visit. She wanted to come and see how Mom was doing in her new digs at The Bentley, and she also wanted to see her daughter, Jeffie, who has been living and working here in Dallas for the past year.

Since her visit will be fairly short, we haven't planned any real activities, but she did want to see where Jeffie boards her horse up in Plano, and of course she wanted to spend time with our Mom at The Bentley.


With Mom at The Bentley

Of course, we went up to see Mom at The Bentley each day that Judy was here- a couple of times to have lunch with her and a couple of times just to visit.

Jeffie, Mom, a friend of Mom's and Judy

Mom has settled into the Bently quite nicely in the month she has been here. Fred and I had her apartment all furnished and set up pretty quickly after she moved in, and the staff have been good at introducing her to the various activities that there are going on all the time.

Mom has made close friends of the three ladies she shares a dining room table with, and through some of the other activities has met four or five other people that she is coming to know well- including the lady in the picture at left.

Below are clickable thumbnails for some additional pictures that Fred took on the days that we came over for a visit:


At Jeffie's Boarding Stable

A while back, Jeffie brought her horse, Logan, to Dallas, and I think this is the first or second place that she has boarded him. She does some work around the stable for part of her rent, I think. The stable is east of US 75 and north of Parker Road- up in the same general area where our friends Ron and Jay live- but about five miles east of them.

Of course, horses were always my sister's "thing," and she seems to have passed an interest in them on to her daughter. I'll admit to knowing next to nothing about them, so all I know to do is to compliment Jeffie on hers. Below are clickable thumbnails for some of the many snapshots we took this afternoon up at the stable and riding rink:

We also took some movies today. Two of them were of Jeffie jumping her horse, and you can watch these with the players below:

Fred took a longer movie as Judy and I were talking with Jeffie, who was still astride Logan. You can watch that movie with the player below:


At My House

Judy and I brought Mom over to my house on Friday night for dinner, and Jeffie was able to join us. Before we went out to eat, I took some pictures.

Here are clickable thumbnails for some of the other pictures we took of each other:

We didn't want to leave the cats out of it, so we went hunting for them and found both of them curled up together on a chair in the family room. Chip is our tuxedo (black and white) cat that we have had for a while. The other cat is Countess, who belongs to Ron Drew in Florida. When Lowery passed away last year, Ron couldn't keep Countess while he was dealing with the estate, selling their house, and moving into downtown Tampa. So he asked me to take her with me to Dallas and keep her until he could take her again. I have had her for six months now, but I expect Ron will be able to take her back by the end of the year. Anyway, that's why there are two cats at the moment; use the clickable thumbnails below to see a couple of pictures of them:


Judy Leaves for Dallas

On Sunday afternoon, Fred, Jeffie and I took my sister out to DFW for her flight home. Before we entered the terminal, Fred took the picture at left, and I also took a picture of Jeffie and Judy.

Inside the terminal, we stood by with Judy as the American Airlines representative got her boarding pass. The process was pretty quick, so we said our goodbyes and walked her over to the entrance to the concourse, bidding her farewell as she went through security. It was a good visit, and we were all three sorry to see her go.

(I might point out from my perspective at the time of this writing, that the ease with which Judy got through the security check was soon to be a thing of the past, for in a little under three months, all those procedures would change, and air travel would never be the same again.)

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June 26 - July 4, 2001: A Summer Trip to Canada
June 8-10, 2001: A Visit to San Antonio
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