July 27-29, 2001: A Visit to San Antonio
June 14-17, 2001: My Sister Judy Visits Dallas
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June 26 - July 4, 2001
Our Summer Trip to Canada




Fred, who as usual gets high marks for planning, has been researching stops we might make for this year's Summer trip, which will be the Pacific Northwest and Canada. He has gotten the required vaction and we are going to include July 4th in the period so that Fred can get an extra two days. I don't have any trips for that week with DRT, so we are all set.


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I have further organized each "day page" so that there is a section for each of the major activities or stops that day. You can scroll through the page linearly, or you can use the little index at the top of the page to jump directly to a specific activity should you wish to do so. Of course, you'll be able to use the links at the top and bottom of each page to navigate to the next or the previous page or return to the Master Index below.

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Tuesday-Wednesday, June 26-27
        Getting to Seattle
        Mt. Rainier
        Columbia River

Thursday, June 28
        Driving Through WA
        Grand Coulee Dam
        To Metaline Falls WA

Friday, June 29
        Metaline Falls WA
        Into Canada
        To Radium Hot Springs

Saturday, June 30
        Into Kootenay NP
        The Hot Springs
        Johnston Canyon
        Icefields Parkway

Sunday, July 1
        Maligne Canyon
        Icefields Parkway
        Athabasca Falls/Glacier
        Takakkaw Falls

Monday, July 2
        Avalanche Trail (Glacier NP)
        Rogers Pass (Glacier NP)
        Hemlock Grove (Glacier NP)
        Revelstoke (BC)

Tuesday, July 3
        Mount Revelstoke

Wednesday, July 4