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October 19, 2002
Frank, Joe and Linda Perform at
the State Fair of Texas


This Saturday, the Texas State Parks System has sent Frank Roberts, Joe Wells and Linda Hamilton, our friends from Leakey, Texas who do the songs and cowboy/cowgirl poetry, up here to Dallas to perform at the State Fair of Texas. We had dinner with the three of them last night, and they stayed at my house. Today, they'll be doing their performance and then heading over to Fort Worth so Frank can visit with his own family.

I am sure you have seen pictures of Frank, Joe and Linda doing their performances, and I know that you will see more album pages about them. Later on, after I get my digital camera, you'll see movies as well. But, for now, we have just gone ahead and accompanied them to the State Fair of Texas.

We drove over to the DART station at Mockingbird and Central Expressway and we took the DART light rail to the fairgrounds. Click on the thumbnails below to see some of the pictures that Fred and I took of Frank, Joe and Linda at the Mockingbird Station:

The train ride down to the Fair Park area was pretty quick.

The new DART Station is right by Fair Park, although back in 2002 the station shown on the aerial view wasn't finished. We had to get off DART a half mile away and they had shuttle buses that took people over to Fair Park. When we got there, we went with Frank and Joe to their performance venue so they could get set up and find out when they would be on stage. While they were doing that, Fred and I wandered around the State Fair for a while- something we do every few years or so.

We came back at the time of their first performance and sat in the audience while Frank sang and Linda and Joe did their poetry. Click on the thumbnails below to see pictures of Frank and Linda performing:

And if you will click on the thumbnails below, you can see the rest of the pictures that we during during the performances of all three of our friends:

When we were talking with Ron Drew and Leroy about coming to the State Fair, they thought that they would like to come as well, and they got there a little after lunchtime.

In between the performances that Frank, Joe and Linda put on, we, along with Ron Drew and Leroy, were able to walk around the Fair for a while. At one point, I got all of them to sit down by one of the fountains along the Midway so I could get the picture that you see at left. And I think I got a really nice picture of Fred, Frank and Joe- the three guys who've known each other for so long- with the Fair's central pool in the background. You can see that picture here. Finally, if you'll click on the thumbnails below you can see some pictures we took using "Big Tex," the Fair's symbol for many years, as a backdrop:

We had come to the State Fair today almost entirely because Frank, Joe and Linda were performing, and that's why the pictures we took concentrated on them and their performances. When they finished their last performance, we headed back to my house where the three of them left to go on over to Fort Worth and a visit with Frank's mom.

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October 26 - November 3, 2002: A Fall Trip to Arizona
August 19-23, 2002: My Nephew's Wedding in North Carolina
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