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November 23, 2002
My 56th Birthday Party


This year my birthday falls on a Saturday, and so it was the logical day for Fred to throw a party. Fred has invited all the usual suspects, each of whom will appear in at least one of the pictures taken during the evening.

As has been my practice, I fixed dinner for the guests, and Fred bought a cake. This year, it was a Black Forest cake. Also as usual, guests arrived to drinks and hors d'oeuvres, dinner was served, cards and token gifts were opened and then cake was served. Attending were Lynne Richardson and her friend Trish, partners Jay Enriquez and Ron Mathis, partners Denny Milne and Larry French, my Mother and Fred, my niece Jeffie and her friend Brian, partners Ron Drew and Leroy Trehern, and our friend Tom Harris.

There's not much to say about the routine, so I guess the only thing to do is simply to present the pictures, labeling each so you'll know who's in them. As usual, when you see a small thumbnail picture you can just click on it to see the full-size picture.


Drinks and Conversation Before Dinner

Lynne, Trish and
My Mom


Brian, Jeffie and

Jay Enriquez

Jay and Ron

Brian and Jeffie

Tom (and Leroy)

Jay and Ron Mathis

Jay, Ron Drew,
Leroy and Lynne


Dinner is Served

Jay, Trish and Ron Mathis
Tom, my Mom and Lynne

Trish, Tom and my Mom
Jay, Lynne and Ron Mathis

Leroy, Denny and Larry
Myself and Ron Drew


Cake is Served

When dinner was over and everyone was ready, it was time for cake. Fred laid the cake on the kitchen table and I began to cut and pass around slices of it. Fred got a good picture of me doing so here.

Leroy and Ron Drew
Jay and Ron Mathis

Leroy and my Mom

Brian and Jeffie


Cards and Gifts

Towards the end of everyone's enjoying cake, the doorbell rang and our friend from Grand Prairie arrived. He had been at another gathering, but had promised to stop by when he was done. He was just in time for his own slice of cake. I gathered together the cards and gag gifts and began the ritual of opening them and passing them around. I took a position on the floor and began opening my cards.

We usually pass the cards around so everyone can enjoy them, and here you can see Jay and Ron Mathis taking their turn. We usually discourage gifts at our birthday parties, but this being my 55th, a couple of people couldn't resist giving me some gag gifts. Here I am with one of them.

It was a very enjoyable party, and I thank everyone for attending. As Fred and I like to do at these gatherings, we took a group photograph to record all the attendees at once. After a couple of tries, Fred got a very nice one:

All the Birthday Party Attendees

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November 28, 2002: Thanksgiving and Christmas
November 16, 2002: A Visit to the Dallas Arboretum
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