November 23, 2002: My 56th Birthday
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November 28 and
December 25, 2002
Thanksgiving and Christmas


For this year in the photo album, I am going to bring together Thanksgiving and Christmas on the same album page. We didn't take that many pictures on either occasion.


Thanksgiving at My House

This year, we had a quiet Thanksgiving. Jeffie and my Mom were here, as well as Fred, of course, and also our friends Ron Drew and Leroy Trehern. They have moved back here from Florida. Ron met Leroy a while after Lowery Evans died in 2000, and they are living out in Irving.

In the photo at left, Jeffie is standing behind my Mom, and Ron Drew is seated at the right with Leroy to his left.

A little later on in the evening, Jeffie's friend Brian dropped by with his parents and sister, and they joined us for some dessert. I took a picture of them with my niece, and you can have a look at that picture here.

It was a nice Thanksgiving, and a good start to the Holiday Season.


Christmas at My House

We saw quite a few of our friends this Christmas. Basically, everyone who hadn't gone somewhere was at the house sometime during Christmas Day.

We even got a chance to see Frank and Joe from Leakey, as Frank had come up to spend some of Christmas with his own family over towards Fort Worth. I think it was two days before Christmas that they came over for dinner and to spend the night.

The next day, before they left, Fred gave them some poinsettias that he brought from Crumps' Garden- the greenhouse operation where he works. I took a picture of Fred, Joe and Frank out behind my garage just before they were heading out, and you can see that picture at left.

On Christmas Day, I picked up my Mom from The Bentley and brought her over to the house in the morning to spend the day with Fred, Chip and I. Before anybody else arrived, we exchanged gifts and just hung out while I was cooking the ham for dinner. Fred took a number of good pictures, and if you will click on the thumbnails below you can have a look at them:

For Christmas Dinner, we invited our friends Larry and Denny to join us, and they arrived in early afternoon.

In the picture at left you can see my Mom, Fred and I, Chip and Larry and Denny.

We had a very nice dinner, and Larry and Denny stayed until just before six, when they had to leave to visit another of their friends.

Earlier in the day, Fred and I had talked with Prudence and arranged for her to come by for dessert and coffee in the early evening. Along about eight, seven of them arrived.

Prudence and Ron came, of course, and so did Nancy and Karl and also Mrs. Lucas, Prudence and Nancy's mother. Along with them came two friends of Nancy's that had been out to dinner with them earlier.

In the picture at left, you can see Prudence, Karl and my Mom on the couch. Standing in the background are Fred, myself, a friend of Nancy's and Ron Ruckman. Seated is the wife of Nancy's friend. And standing at the right are Mrs. Lucas and Nancy.

It was really nice of them to stop by, and we enjoyed seeing them. They left about ten to go back over to Arlington, and Fred and I took Mom back to The Bentley.

We brought the Holiday Season to a close by spending New Year's with Ron Mathis and Jay Enriquez up in Plano.

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November 23, 2002: My 56th Birthday
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