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December 29, 2004
Michael and Jeffie Leave Dallas


Today is a momentous day in Jeffie's life- she is moving to Atlanta with the love of her life to live together and, eventually, get married. Jeffie has been here in Dallas for a few years now, and I have gotten used to having her nearby, even if we did not see each other frequently. But that will come to an end today.


Jeffie Says Goodbye to Her Grandmother

Jeffie wanted to be able to bring Michael by to see her grandmother before they left for Atlanta, and about the only time we could do that was when they were actually on their way. So I went over to the Traymore an hour or so before dinner to be there when Michael and Jeffie arrived with some flowers. My little camera only takes short movies, so I continued the previous one with a movie of Jeffie showing the flowers to her grandmother, and you can watch both these movies with the players below:

Jeffie arrives with flowers

Showing the flowers to Mom

We spent some time talking about their plans and other stuff, and during that half-hour before dinner we took a number of pictures; I took some and Michael obliged by taking some too. I have put thumbnails for the best of these pictures of me, my Mom, Jeffie and Michael below. To view the full-size images, just click on the thumbnails:

I also had Michael take a movie of Jeffie, my Mom and I as I tried to explain to her what was happening today. I think she understood, but I couldn't be entirely sure.

Jeffie and Michael couldn't stay through dinner, but Jeffie did wheel her grandmother down to the dining room with Michael following and me acting the paparazzi and taking a movie of the process.

Jeffie and Michael made their goodbyes and I went outside with them to see them off.


I Bid Goodbye to Jeffie and Michael

Outside the Traymore, I found that Jeffie had hooked up her horse trailer to her truck; the horse trailer wasn't carrying a horse but her worldly goods instead. (Her horse is going to be transported to Atlanta later, once she has figured out where it will be boarded.) Jeffie, Michael and I talked for a while as they leaned against her truck; although I don't know Michael well, having only met him a short while ago, it appeared to me that they were very happy to be doing what they were about to do.

I wanted to take a couple of final movies. The first one was an artistic attempt (no, let's be honest, I forgot that I can't hold the camera vertically and expect the movies to come out that way) so that's why halfway through the movie Michael and Jeffie, who start off horizontal, become vertical. And I took one final movie of them driving away in Jeffie's truck on their way to Atlanta.

Kind of a sad day, but from every indication, they will be quite happy.

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