2004 Photograph Album Pages                     

January 5-6: A Trip to Pervasive Corp. in Austin August 14-15: A Visit to Ruckman Haus in San Antonio
January 7-8: The Ruckmans Visit Dallas August 22: Birthday Party for Ron Mathis and Fred
February 4-6: A Visit with Judy in North Carolina     August 28 - September 4: A Business Trip to Japan
February 8-13: A Trip to Portland, Oregon September 18-20: A Visit to Ted and Judy
February 19: I Visit Fort Harrison, Indiana October 3: A Visit to the Arboretum
February 21-29: Our Winter Trip to Florida October 22-31: A Trip to Florida
March 4: A Visit with Greg in Austin November 9: A Visit to the Nasher Sculpture Center
March 3: A Visit to the Arboretum November 12-16: A Trip to Palm Springs with Greg
March 22: Visiting Gerry Vitale in Chicago November 20: My 58th Birthday Party
May 3-6: A Trip to Auburn, California November 25: Thanksgiving at My House
June 11-13: My Sister Judy Visits Dallas December 11-25: The Christmas Season
July 17-25: Our Summer Trip to Oregon December 29: Jeffie and Michael Leave Dallas
July 31 - August 1: A Weekend in Florida December 31: New Year's Eve


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