September 18-20, 2004: A Visit With Judy and Ted
August 22, 2004: Birthday Party for Ron Mathis and Fred
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August 28 - September 5, 2004
My Trip to Japan




In early July, my team leader at Pervasive offered me a trip to Tokyo in late August to conduct a one-week class for our Japanese representatives, and I jumped at the chance. We had to go through a lot of paperwork to quickly get my passport renewed, but that is something I should have done anyway. On Saturday morning, August 28th, I left DFW on an American Airlines flight directly to Narita Airport, about forty miles east of Tokyo.

Technically, this was a business trip and, as such, I would usually have put it on the album page that deals with the business trips that I have taken this year. But because the vast majority of the pictures I took have nothing to do with the business I was conducting, I am going to put those pictures here. If you are interested in the business-oriented things that I did while here in Japan, you can return to the Main Index for 2004 and find the link for the page dealing with 2004's business trips. There, you will find some pictures of the class and some information about our Japanese representatives and some of the things that we, as a class, did.


Using the Index for the Japan Trip

I took a great many pictures and movies while in Tokyo, so I have organized this trip into an album page for each day on which I took some pictures or movies. There are seven of these subsidiary pages, and you can jump to any one of them using the index below simply by clicking on one of the dates.

If I took a great many pictures on a particular day, and I can group those pictures by a particular event or attraction, then I will organized the album page for that day in the same way. Each activity will have a heading on that day's album page, and a summary of those headings will appear here in the index for the Japan trip- in case you would like to look at something specific.

When you click on one of the date links on this index page, you will jump to the top of the album page for that date. There, you can use any navigation technique you wish to read the narrative and look at the pictures that interest you. Additionally, when I have grouped pictures on a particular day, there may be a page index that you can use to jump to a particular event or activity. Of course, at the top and bottom of each daily album page there are links that you can use to navigate to the next or previous day pages within the Japan trip, as applicable, and also a link you can use to return to the index below.

When you are done looking at this Japan trip, use one of the links at the top or bottom of any daily page to return to the index below. At the top of the index you will find a link back to the very top of this page, where you will find the links enabling you to move forward or backward through the photo album, or to the index for this year.

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Saturday, August 28
  Flight to Japan/Arrival at Narita
  The Airport Bus Trip into Tokyo
  Checking into the Royal Park Hotel
  Exploring the Hotel Area/Dinner


Sunday, August 29
  An Evening Trip to the Ginza


Tuesday, August 31
  Commuting From Work to the Hotel 

Wednesday, September 1
  Commuting from the Hotel to Work 
  Lunchtime Outing with the Class

Thursday, September 2
  My Trip to Tokyo Tower

Friday, September 3
  My Last Day at AG-TECH
  Last Work-to-Hotel Commute
  Nighttime in Shinjuku

Saturday, September 4
  The Flight Back to Dallas