November 9, 2004: A Visit to the Nasher Sculpture Center
October 3, 2004: A Visit to the Arboretum
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October 23-31, 2004
Our Fall Trip to Florida




I will be leaving Pervasive on November 5, and this week I am using up my accumulated vacation time for a Fall trip to Florida. Fred, of course, is still working, and so we have had to squeeze the trip in to take advantage of two weekends, a practice we are quite used to. We left Dallas on Saturday morning, October 23rd, and we will be returning Sunday night the 31st.


Using the Master Index

We took a great many pictures and movies while in Florida, so I have organized this trip into an album page for each day on which either of us took any pictures. (We have become so jaded, I suppose, that our picture-taking in Florida has dropped off considerably.) There are six of these pages, and you can jump to any one of them using the Master Index below simply by clicking on one of the dates.

On the days that we did a number of different things, I have further organized these album pages into a section for each of them. Each activity will have a heading on that day's album page; the Index will tell you what the activities were that day should you care to find something specific. If you choose one of the date links, you will be positioned at the top of the album page for that date. There, you can use any navigation technique you wish to read the narrative and look at the pictures that interest you. Additionally, the top and bottom of each album page have links that you can use to navigate to a prior or subsequent day within the trip. There is also a link you can use to return to the Master Index below.

When you are done looking at this Florida trip, use one of the links at the top or bottom of any daily page to return to the Index below and then use the link at the top of the index to jump to the top of this index page. There you will find links enabling you to move forward or backward through the photo album, as well as a link to take you to the index for this year.

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. To access the master index, please click HERE.

























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Saturday, October 23
  Our Flight to Florida
  Dinner with Ty and Scott


Sunday, October 24
  Walking to Everglades Inlet
  Relaxing at the Condo


Tuesday, October 26
  Walking the Riverwalk
  Relaxing at the Condo

Wednesday, October 27
  A Bike Ride
  Relaxing at the Condo

Thursday, October 28
 Activity: A Day at the Beach

Friday, October 29
  The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
  Relaxing at the Condo

Saturday, October 30
  Lunch with Ron and Leroy
  A Bike Ride to the Beach