2003 Photograph Album Pages                 

January 6-9: A Trip to Colorado Springs August 11-16: A Trip to Temecula, CA
February 1-2: A Weekend in San Antonio August 26-27: Prudence's Birthday Party in SA
March 1-9: Spring Vacation in Florida October 4: A Visit to the Arboretum
April 5-6: Frank and Joe Perform in Austin October 19: A Trip to Pittsburgh
April 8-11: A Trip to Las Vegas October 25: Dinner at Fred's House
April 22-25: A Trip to New York City October 29: A Visit with Greg in Austin
June 21-29: A Western Trip to NM, AZ, UT and CO November 8-16: Fall Trip to Fort Lauderdale
July 4-6: A Trip to Ruckman Haus in San Antonio         November 27: Thanksgiving at My House
July 21-23: A Trip to Buffalo, NY November 30 - December 5: A Trip to Chattanooga
July 24-28: Judy and Ted Visit Dallas December 8-12: A Trip to New Jersey
August 2: The Mathis-Nabors Birthday Bash December 13: The Christmas Symphony
August 3: Fred Nabors Birthday (Fort Worth) December 23-27: Judy Visits Dallas for Christmas


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