April 5-6, 2003: Frank and Joe Perform in Austin
February 1-2, 2003: A Weekend Trip to Ruckman House in San Antonio
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March 1-9, 2003
Our Winter Trip to Florida




Our yearly vacation routine has been that we take two trips using Fred's normal vacation time- one in late spring or early summer and one in the fall. These trips are a week each, with two weekends at either end giving us nine or ten good days consecutively. Our spring trip this year will be out west, but we aren't sure where we will go in the fall. But Fred is also able to use his unused sick days for another week off, and we often use that week to go to Florida to stay in the Fort Lauderdale condo. This year, the best time for him to go is in early March, so that is what we are doing. To maximize our time, we fly down and back (although for our other trips, which usually involve camping, we usually drive).

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We took a great many pictures while we were in Florida. While I could put them all on a single page, all the thumbnails, maps, aerial views and other stuff would make the page a little slow to load. For other long trips, I've divided the trip up into single days, but for the trip to Florida, that doesn't really mean much, since we are always at the condo and just doing stuff around town, around the area, with Ron and Leroy or with Ty and Scott. So the particular day doesn't matter much. So what I am going to do in this index is organize our pictures by topic. For example, I'll put all the pictures we took right around the condo on one page, even if they were taken on different days. Using the index below, you can jump directly to a specific group of pictures if you wish.

But if you just want to go through all the groups one at the time, you can begin with the first group, "Getting to the Fort Lauderdale Condo," and follow the links at the top and bottom of that page to go to the next group of pictures. At the top of each picture page, there will be similar links to take you to the next group, the previous group or back here to the index page.

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Getting to Fort Lauderdale

The Florida Condominium

A Visit from Mike Racke's Sister

The Las Olas Art Fair

Along the Riverwalk

Bike Rides Around Fort Lauderdale

At the Fort Lauderdale Beach