August 14-15, 2004: A Visit to Ruckman Haus in San Antonio
July 17-25, 2004: Our Summer Trip to Oregon
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July 31 - August 1, 2004
A Weekend in Florida


For the last three days this week, I have been doing a class for a company located in the suburbs west of Miami, so I stayed in my condo here and commuted back and forth. It was a 40-minute drive each way, but staying in my own place was nice. This trip does not appear on the business pages for I took no pictures in conjunction with that class.

Since I was already here, and since Fred was at his Mother's this weekend, I decided to stay until Sunday afternoon- just not doing much of anything in particular.

I did go up to the new office/warehouse space that Ty and Scott have leased to take a look at the new workroom for Scott's Windows, Inc., the little company that Ty and Scott started for the work that Scott does on his own. You can watch a movie of the new workroom with the player at left. The workroom is about three miles northwest of me, and a couple of miles southwest of the new condo that Ty and Scott have moved into, now that they have sold the condo they were in near the beach. When I was up there this morning, their friend Chris was also there, and so I was able to say hello to him again.

When we were done there, Ty and Scott took me by the new condo that they have purchased in Imperial Point Towers.

Getting to their new condo takes significantly more time than getting to their old one- just a mile and a half away towards the beach. Now, you have to go about four miles up Federal Highway (US 1), which is pretty crowded at the best of times. About a mile past Commercial Blvd., there is a turnoff into an area known as Imperial Point. This area is mostly middle-class, one storey single-family homes, although it is surrounded by mid-range apartments and the single high-rise in which Ty and Scott live.

Their new condo is a one-bedroom condo on the 4th floor; they just moved in about six weeks ago and are still getting things organized and fixed up. I took a few pictures of their condo, and if you want to see them, just click on the links below:

   Ty and Scott in Living Room
   Living Room
   Bedroom Closet Office

In their bathroom, they had a really unique sink fixture that I liked very much, and, when I eventually remodel my own condo, I would like to use it. You can see a movie of it in action if you use the player at left.

I enjoyed spending a couple of days in Florida with Ty and Scott.

August 14-15, 2004: A Visit to Ruckman Haus in San Antonio
July 17-25, 2004: Our Summer Trip to Oregon
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