July 31 - August 1, 2004: A Weekend in Florida
June 11-13, 2004: My Sister Judy Visits Dallas
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July 17-25, 2004
Our Summer Trip to Oregon




Well, the time has rolled around again for our Summer Trip, although we are taking it a couple of weeks later than usual this year. We've been planning this trip for some time, and we think it will be a good one. We are going to explore the Pacific Northwest, the area of Southern Washington State and the state of Oregon. We want to see what's left of Mt. St. Helens, the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, Portland, Mt. Shasta, perhaps extreme Northern California and the Oregon coast. We'll be flying in and out of Portland, Oregon, leaving Dallas on Saturday, July 17th and returning Sunday, July 25th.


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Fred and I took a great many pictures and movies while in Oregon and Washington, so I have organized this trip into an album page for each day. There are eight of these pages, and you can jump to any one of them using the Master Index below simply by clicking on one of the dates.

We also did a lot on each day, so I have further organized these album pages into a section for each of the major things we might have done on any given day. If you wish, you may jump to a specific activity on a specific day simply by clicking on one of the activity links that are indented underneath each date.

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Saturday, July 17
  Day 1 Route
  Arrival in Portland
  Multnomah Falls
  Cascade Locks
  The Dalles


Sunday, July 18
  Crossing the Columbia
  Horsethief Lake Petroglyphs
  Along the Columbia
  Maryhill Museum
  Mt. Adams/Langfield Falls
  Mt. St. Helens
  Woodland, WA


Monday, July 19
  Ape Cave
  Trail of Two Forests
  Mt. St. Helens Lunch
  Lava Canyon
  Yale Lake
  To Sandy, OR


Tuesday, July 20
  Little Zigzag Falls
  Mt. Hood Scenic Byway
  Hike to Mirror Lake
  On Mount Hood
  Hike to Tamanawas Falls
  To Bend, OR


Wednesday, July 21
  Devil's Lake
  Crater Lake NP
  To Klamath Falls, OR

Thursday, July 22
  Driving to Mt. Shasta
  McCloud River and Falls
  Mt. Shasta
  Castle Crags SP
  To Grants Pass, OR

Friday, July 23
  Rogue River Area
  Diamond Lake Area
  Umpqua River Area
  To Roseburg, OR

Saturday, July 24
  Umpqua Lighthouse
  Oregon Dunes
  Sea Lion Cave
  Heceta Lighthouse
  Muriel Fonsier Wayside
  Tokatee Kloochman NA
  Cook's chasm
  Devil's Punchbowl
  Depoe Bay, OR
  To Salem, OR


Sunday, July 25
 Activity: Our Trip Home