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March 6, 2008: Snow! (in Van Alstyne, anyway)
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March 8, 2008
"Murder at the Howard Johnson's"
at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre


This will be a short album page. On Saturday night, a big group of us went to the Pocket Sandwich Theatre near Mockingbird Station over by Mockingbird and Central Expressway. Fred had done a lot of arranging for the last couple of months to get everyone together. Oddly enough, it all worked out and everyone showed up.

There were eleven of us (the only folks canceling out a week ahead were Greg and Grant, who were both in California helping one of Greg's friends who had taken ill). Here are the attendees:

At our table were, left to right, Lou Acevedo, Steve Friedman, Mario Tarradell, Fred (and me, of course).

At the other table were, left to right, Brad Kronick, Jay Enriquez, Ron Mathis, Tom Harris, John Evans and Brad's friend Rick.
The Pocket Sandwich Theatre is like a dinner theatre, except that the dinners are mostly sandwiches and beer and the theatre is strictly amateur. We all had time to catch up with each other and converse before the production- "Murder at the Howard Johnson's"- began. I couldn't take any pictures of the production; the flash was prohibited. But I did get some movies of the play, and you might find them enjoyable. To watch any of them, just use the appropriate movie player below:

In this first movie (player at left), we are introduced to Mitchell, a dentist, and Rebecca the wife of one of Mitchell's patients, Paul. Mitchell and Rebecca have been having an affair and, because Rebecca thinks that her husband will not give her a divorce (at least not with the settlement she wants), they plan to murder Paul after getting him to their room at the local Howard Johnson's Motel on pretext. Here, Mitchell and Rebecca are discussing what will happen when Paul arrives.
In this second movie, Paul arrives, and Mitchell and Rebecca find that doing him in is a lot harder than they think.

Things have switched, and now the plan is for Paul to be shot and for Mitchell and Rebecca to make it look like a suicide (player at left).

In the last movie, Rebecca has become the target, since she has now been having an affair with a motivational speaker, Malcolm. Paul and Mitchell, both feeling wronged, are planning on murdering Rebecca and pinning the crime on Malcolm. They lay out their plan to Rebecca with humorous results.

I think the movies give you the best idea of what watching the play at the Pocket Sandwich Theater was like, but I did take a couple of still shots, and you can see them here and here.

We had a great evening, and my thanks to Fred for all his work arranging it.

March 14, 2008: Maureen McGovern's Concert in Irving
March 6, 2008: Snow! (in Van Alstyne, anyway)
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