2008 Photograph Album Pages                

January 6: A Visit to McKinney's Heard Museum June 26-29: The Dreamland Festival in Nashville
January 19: Watching Joe Nichols at Billy Bob's Texas      July 4: The Fourth of July at Ron Mathis's House
January 23: Frank and Joe performing in Fort Worth July 5: An Evening at Barbara Reynolds' House
January 25-28: A Visit to Ruckman Haus July 8-16: A Trip to Fort Lauderdale
January 31 - February 12: A Trip to Fort Lauderdale July 25-28: Rudolf Lowenstein Visits Us in Dallas
February 3-9: Our Western Caribbean Cruise August 9: The Mathis/Nabors/Tarradell Birthday Bash
February 19: The Chieftains in Concert August 24-27: A Trip to Ruckman Haus
March 1: The Texas Gay Rodeo September 5: Steve Friedman's Birthday
March 2-5: A Visit to Ruckman Haus September 9-21: Fall Trip to New England
March 6: SNOW! (In Van Alstyne, anyway) September 28: A Visit to the State Fair of Texas
March 8: At the Pocket Sandwich Theatre October 4: A Saturday Tour of the Arts District
March 14: The Maureen McGovern Concert October 21-23: A Trip to San Antonio
March 21: At the Dallas Arboretum October 29 - November 12: A Trip to Florida
March 25 - April 2: A Trip to Florida November 21: My Birthday
April 4: Dallas Symphony/"Wizard of Oz" November 23: A Visit With Chris Young
May 3: Liza Minnelli at Bass Hall November 24-25: A Trip to New York City
May 6-14: A Trip to Florida November 25 - December 15: Our Transatlantic Cruise
May 30 - June 2: A Trip to the Wichita Mountains December 15-17: Three Days in Florida
June 13-16: Texas Folk Life Festival in San Antonio December 25: Christmas at My House
  December 31: New Year's Eve at Ron and Jay's

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