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On this album page, I have put any pictures that don't involve a trip I took, some major event that Fred or I attended, a business trip or that involve my Mom. This doesn't leave much, but putting these sections elsewhere in the album will mean that they just get lost.

So, you may have an interest in some of the things in the list at left. If so, click on one of the links or just go through the page sequentially.

Many of the pictures on this page are pretty mundane; a lot of them are pictures of the company buildings, the classrooms and the attendees. But I did take quite a few pictures of the surrounding areas sometimes, and that's the main reason for having this album page. As I have done before, I've provided you quick links at the top left of this page to take you to any particular trip, but you can always just scroll through them if you wish. There are links at the end of each trip section to take you back to the top of the page, should you wish to go back to the Index for 2004 at any time.


June 23: My Patio Lizard

Fred happened to be here today with his camera when one of the lizards that apparently live around my house made an appearance on my patio. The pictures and movie are a little dim, because they have to be taken through the window, which needs cleaning.

Anyway, Fred took the picture at left of the lizard on the back of one of my patio chairs, and was also able to capture a shot of it with its red throat extended.

The Lizard
He was also quick enough to make a short movie before the lizard left.

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October 8 & 13: Bobbie Lee Maxine Comes for a Visit

This fall, Fred and I will be taking a couple of extended trips. Towards the end of the month, we'll be taking a short trip to San Antonio, and, shortly after that, a 15-day trip to Florida. Then, in later November, we will be gone over three weeks when we go on a cruise from Europe to the United States.

All this means that Bobbie Lee Maxine ("Bobbie Lee") would have to be by herself at Fred's house for extended periods of time, with no one to look in on her, change litter boxes and resupply water and food. So, we thought that the best thing to do was to bring her down here and let her get acclimatized to my house so that by the time we leave, and can arrange for Steve and Mario or Lynne to come by and check on her, she will feel at home.

So, that's what's happened. Fred brought her down early in October, and he's been spending about as much time with her here as he usually does during a week at home. I, of course, am around her all the time, and she seems to be getting more and more used to me. She still hides out when anyone but Fred or I are here, but we hope that this, too, will eventually change as she becomes more comfortable around other people.

In the last ten days, I've taken a few pictures of her by herself, and also some with her and Fred in the study. If you'd like to look at some of these pictures, just click on the thumbnail images below:


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