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September 9-21, 2008:
A Trip to New England and
Acadia National Park



For a long time, Fred and I have been considering the idea of making a trip to Acadia National Park in Maine. Our friend Guy grew up near there, and has visited the park numerous times. He counts it as one of the best experiences of his life. Also, our friend Barbara has been there, and she thought the place to be so beautiful as to be spiritual. All of these rave reviews made us want to go there even more. So now that both of us have the free time necessary, we have decided to make the trip. Acadia National Park will be our primary goal, but there will be some other places for us to visit along the way and in New England.

The route we would take and the places we would stop were somewhat in flux when we started out. Hurricane Ike was coming ashore down by Galveston when we left, and we knew that its route would take it up through the Northeastern U.S., and so we tried to keep our options open. Our main goal was to camp in Acadia National Park in Maine, and so we needed good weather for that. We also wanted to visit Canada while we were so close, so we were not sure whether we would do that or the Park first.

In any event, we left Dallas on September 9th, heading towards Atlanta. One of the many things we would do while on our trip was to take some of my Mom's possessions (and her ashes as well) to my niece and sister, and so the first stop we wanted to make was in Atlanta to meet Jeffie and let her select those things that she wanted. We followed a route I'd driven a number of times before- over to Shreveport, LA, and then across Mississippi and Alabama and then into Atlanta on I-20. From Atlanta, we would head up I-85 past Charlotte to stop at my sister's house in Elon, NC.

The next segment of our trip would be a drive up I-95, through Washington and Baltimore, past Philadelphia, through or around New York City, and then across Connecticut and Rhode Island to stop at my friend Tony Hirsch's house south of Boston. I'd arranged with him for a visit, although we were not exactly sure when we started out just when we would arrive there. Once there, we would be analyzing the weather to decide if we would do Acadia first or drive up to Canada first.

As it turned out, we put Canada first on the list and, leaving Tony's, we drove up through Boston and Vermont, crossing into Canada just south of Montreal. We visited Montreal first and then drove northeast to Quebec City to spend some time there. By this time, we hoped that the remnants of Ike would be past, and we could drive south to Bangor, ME, and then from there on into Acadia National Park. We were to spend three full days in Acadia, one of the most amazing places we've been. From Acadia, we drove down the Maine coast to Boston once again, and then headed west on I-90 through Massachusetts, into and across New York State and to our last stop- Niagara Falls.

The final segments of our 5500-mile trip would be south from Buffalo and along Lake Erie, and then south from there past Pittsburgh and on into West Virginia. We drove through Charleston, WV, and then further south to I-81 in Virginia, driving through the southern end of the Shenandoah Valley. Then it was into Tennessee, around Knoxville and over to Nashville, by this time on I-40. From Nashville, we followed the same route back to Dallas that we took when we went to the Dreamland Festival there earlier this year, taking I-40 through Memphis, TN and Little Rock, AR and finally back home.

This was quite a trip, and so I will be organizing it the same way I have organized other major vacation trips in this album- by giving you an index into the various segments of the trip.


Using the Master Index

We took hundreds of pictures and movies while on our trip to New England, so I have had to find a good way to organize them so that they are not simply overwhelming.

First and foremost, I wanted to group together all the pictures for the various places we stopped or, if that still resulted in too many photographs, the separate things we did at our various stops, and this I have done. Second, I have grouped together all the activity sections for a specific day of our trip.

In the Master Index, you will find a link that will take you to each day of our trip. Each of these links will be alongside a description of the things we did that day, so you can look at the days that might interest you. If you are just looking through this album linearly, and want to go through the whole trip day to day, then simply use the first "day link" and start there.

When you get to one of the daily pages, you will see the same familiar buttons at the top and bottom of each page that will take you to the next day, the previous day or back to this Master Index. As I said, I have tried to organize things so that all you should want to do is use the "NEXT" button to go from page to page, but I have provided the other buttons should you wish to use them. When we have returned to Dallas and our trip is over, you will want to return to this Master Index so that you can continue on through the photograph album.

Near the top of each daily page, you will also find a set of links that will enable you to jump to a specific activity that occurred on that day, should you wish to do so. Of course, the easiest thing to do is just go through the day in time sequence, activity by activity; you can always scroll by activities that might not interest you. (In case you might want it, there is also a link at the end of each activity section that will take you back to the top of that daily page.)

When you are done looking at the pictures from our trip to New England, use one of the "RETURN" buttons that appear at the top and bottom of every trip page to return to this Master Index and then use the link at the top of the index to return to the Index for 2008 or, if you have been going through the photo album linearly, to continue on to the next album page.

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. To access the Master Index, please click HERE.

























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Tuesday, September 9
Driving to Atlanta
Wednesday, September 10
Driving to Elon; At Judy's House
Thursday, September 11
Driving to Tony's House
Friday, September 12
At Tony's House; Driving to Northern Vermont
Saturday, September 13
Driving to Montreal; Climbing Mont Royal; The Montreal Botannical Garden;
The Biosphere; The Insectarium; Driving to Quebec City
Sunday, September 14
(Quebec City)
The Chutes; Driving to Bangor
Monday, September 15
Tuesday, September 16
Wednesday, September 17
Acadia National Park
Thursday, September 18
(Acadia National Park)
Driving to Albany
Friday, September 19
(Buffalo, NY)
Driving to Buffalo; A Visit to Definitely Buffalo; Buffalo, NY; Niagara Falls; Driving to Pittsburgh
Saturday, September 20
Driving to Nashville
Sunday, September 21
Driving to Dallas